Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Something You've Never Seen Here Before

Here's something you've never seen on this blog, a recipe. Of course, Danno at New Orleans Cuisine will probably laugh at the simplicity of it but I made it today for our Boss' Day Luncheon and got rave reviews. I think it will make a perfect fall/holiday dessert and it's SO easy.

Apple Spice Cake

1 box of spice cake mix
1 21 oz. can of apple pie filling
1/3 cup apple butter
3 large eggs

Mix all ingredients and bake according to spice cake package directions. Frost with cream cheese frosting. (I used Duncan Hines Whipped and sprinkled some cinnamon and pecan chips on top.)


Danno said...

Sounds delicious Laurie Kay! Don't think I would ever laugh at a dish because it was easy to prepare, those are the best kind, Besides, I'm no expert. Your cake sounds like Autumn on a fork, I will definately make it! I'll bet it will go great with a tall glass of cider. I'm dying to go to one of the Cider Mills here in Michigan, I love this time of year.

Zina said...

Yesterday I bought that same exact cake mix and same exact frosting. I will have to get the apple butter and pie filling. I have never bought this cake mix before.
(insert eerie Halloween noise here.)

Carol Davidson said...

Oooooooooh. Now that is my kind of recipe. Fewer than five ingredients, fewer than three steps. Thanks!!

Laurie said...

Danno - Mmmmmm, cider.

Zina - That is weird, cousin!

Abby - ...and delicious!

Dana said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds good! I will have to try that.

Laurie said...

Dana - It was very good and so easy.