Sunday, September 15, 2013

Couch to 5k - Yacht Rock Version

My toes have been unbruised for a while and fall is in the air (it was only 91 degrees yesterday), so I think I'll try this Couch to 5k thing again.

I've changed my music selection from upbeat and manic to "yacht rock" which is a surprisingly good choice for me.  I thought wild-dance-rock-pop music would inspire me to keep moving, but after jogging to "yacht rock," I find I'm much more suited to a leisurely jog than a rockin' jog.  Plus, the tunes make me feel like I'm in a romantic comedy and Tom Hanks or Billy Crystal will be around the next corner waiting to fall in love with me in a romantically comedic sort of way.

Footnote:  On my jogging route back to my house there was an abandoned athletic shoe insole lying in the street.  I imagined some poor bastard running along in pain, stopping, pulling off his shoe, yelling "Gotdammit!" and throwing the offending insole to the ground.  I predict an angry insole throwing in my future as karma for being amused at the plight of the unidentified insole abusing runner.