Sunday, May 04, 2014

Overwrought Rubbish - Look Up Video by Gary Turk

I do NOT agree with the below overwrought video going around on Facebook.  It is possible to have a fabulous social life which is enhanced by social media.  I'm thankful for the connections I would not have otherwise and would not be able to maintain any other way due to distance.

My grandkids play on the iPad, play Wii, Face Time their grandparents and still play outside, play "restaurant" and learn a lot more than we ever did at their age through computers and technology.

In the olden days, we walked around with our transistor radios with earplugs and people found their inner quiet time with books and newspapers.  Reading these things online is no different.  We vegged out (and still do) in front of televisions.  People sometimes need to withdraw from the outside world for a while.  This is not the end of civilization.

People have established long lasting romantic relationships through their connections in social media and a lot of times the people who seem so absorbed in their electronic devices are communicating with parents or friends or relatives to coordinate actual face-to-face meetings.

When my sister passed away recently, there were hundreds of people at the wake and services and many of them were there through the magic of reconnecting on Facebook.  The support we received from our "Facebook Friends," has been amazing and truly heartfelt.

Everyone needs to stop feeling guilty about doing the things they enjoy.  Get over yourself, Guy Who Made This Video.  (Look Up by Gary Turk)