Saturday, October 29, 2011

Self Examination

There's nothing like a beautiful sunshine-y morning to make you open up the blinds, let the sun pour in and ask yourself, "Holy shit.  When's the last time I dusted this rat hole?"

Friday, October 07, 2011

My Morning

  • 7:30 a.m. Power went out as I sat down to my makeup mirror
  • 7:30 a.m. Large stuffed animal fell out of a chair in my office beside my bathroom at the exact same time the lights went out 
  • 7:32 a.m. Packed up things to finish getting ready at work
  • 7:33 a.m. Continued to flip light switches even though I knew the power was out
  • 7:36 a.m. Left for work with wet hair and no makeup
  • 7:37 a.m. Tried to close garage door with garage door opener like an idiot
  • 7:37 a.m. Got out of car to close garage door manually and smelled smoke
  • 7:37 a.m. Freaked out
  • 7:38 a.m.  No smoke pouring out of my townhouse or any others around me
  • 7:38 a.m.  Stopped freaking out
  • 7:39 a.m.  Drove to work
  • 7:40 a.m. Tuned radio to local station to try to find out why there was a power outage and smoke in the air and heard disc jockeys talking about "alternate paths" and "we'll be out there later"
  • 7:41 a.m. Freaked out 
  • 7:42 a.m. I realized the disc jockeys were talking about the path for a procession for a local soldier who died in Afghanistan  (RIP)
  • 7:46 a.m  Tried to pull into the parking lot at work, but there was a man walking two huge black Great Danes and a lady was blocking my path into the parking lot, I assume, out of fear of the dogs.  She wouldn't move left or right, forward or backward.  She just stood there.  MOVE dammit!
  • 7:50 a.m.  Walked into my office to find two co-workers already there who never get to work before me.  Never.
Weird ass morning.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Don't Go Back in the House!

I got a call from my four year old grand-fabulous-daughter yesterday. A fireman and firetruck went to her preschool Wednesday. She told me the following all in one big, rushed, important, excited breath, "Grandma! I got to go on a BIG firetruck! The fireman told us that if there's an emergency, we have to call 911. Do you know that grandma? Call 911! He said that if there's a fire to go outside EVEN IF IT'S DARK! Go outside. Don't go back in for your baby dolls. Don't go back in for your puppy. Don't go back in for your kitty. He said, 'Your mommy and daddy will buy you a new baby doll or a new puppy or a new kitty.' It won't be the same baby doll, but that's okay. Don't go back in the house! Okay, grandma?"

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers = A Bunch of Old Guys

The smartass punk kid on VH-1 Countdown (just kidding about the smartass thing...I like him) just announced that this video is number one this week and "even though they're a little bit older, they still make great videos."

So, I thought, "When did the Red Hot Chili Peppers become a bunch of old guys in the eyes of the VH1 world?" The VH1 audience isn't exactly the young MTV crowd. So, I looked it up. Flea and Anthony Kiedis are both 50. How is that possible? I think I need a nap and some Geritol.

On another note, "Pop Up Video" is coming back. I love "Pop Up Video."