Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Connecting Roku Wireless Speakers - Pairing Problem


I received my Roku wireless speakers yesterday and, initially, had issues with the pairing portion even after following all instructions.  I tried restarting, unplugging, resetting, etc. in various orders and configurations with the same result of the process getting stuck on the pairing portion of the setup process. 

I was finally successful after doing the following two things.  I'm not sure of which, if either, did the trick, but wanted to share, anyway.  1.  Initially, my Roku TV said my software was up to date, but when I started the install process over from scratch (for the 5th time), the TV found an update and installed it.  2.  Rather than holding down the Home button for 5 seconds to get to the install device menus, I followed the menu prompts individually from the Settings menu to pair the speakers.