Tuesday, October 11, 2005

George Bush: Bubble Boy

You might remember the lady falling among the bubbles that I posted a while back. Well, this version is sure to amuse my friends over at Falafel Sex. It's George Bush frolicking among the bubbles. Use your mouse to make George do your bidding.


Lorna said...

3 hours later, congratulations! I loved getting that little ?%$#$#?% stuck, then ignominiously sliding him out of trouble---he's SO used to it

AJH said...

That is fabulous.
Since you are a Daily Show fan: One of my coworkers mentioned today that she wanted Jon Stewart to be president. Another coworker scoffed that Stewart wasn't that smart. I pointed out that he was a lot smarter than Shrub. He had no reply.

Carol Davidson said...

I may never leave the computer now.

Thanks for thinking of us!

Michael said...

Great blog! I will be watching it.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! That was SO much fun. I loved pulling his pinhead through really tight spots (not like he hasn't been in like a million of those lately).

Kelly said...

Perversely enough -- the most fun I had was pulling him into a tight spot and leaving him there.

thenewmrsf said...

Laurie! We're back online here @ the office & I am STILL not accepting that I'm to WORK, so I've enjoyed the bouncing lady & Bush, Jr. so very much....whomever came up with this game? is on to something. Now if they'd just let us know how to plug in our own little personal "bouncers," we're talking HOURS of enjoyment! Hope you're well!

Laurie said...

Lorna - Glad you liked it.

AJH - Jon Stewart is too smart to run.

Abby - You were the first ones I thought of when I saw it.

Paros - Thanks!

Stephen - Entertaining, isn't it?

Cynikell - Hahahaha!

Soontobemrsf - Oh, that would be great!

Mark Alread said...

Thank you Laurie for this wonderful early Christmas gift!

It's just so messmerizing to watch him helplessly flail around at the mercy of gravity and chance unable to get himself out of any of the tight spots he gets himself into.

Just like his press confrences.

Now if only the designer could change the silvery balls into pretzels.

In all fairness there should also be Gearld Ford descending stairwell version just for historical recreations.

Laurie said...

Mark - Glad I made you happy. :)