Thursday, October 13, 2005

Food for Thought: After the Storm

The above picture is off of a site that has some great video of Hurricane Rita hitting Beaumont.

Also, I don't know how many Beaumont area people read this blog but I have some things I've been thinking about and want to share.
  • A lot of coverage has been given to the fine work done by the emergency workers and people who are restoring electricity to the area but everyone also needs to remember the guys who have been working restoring telephone and cable service as well as those clearing the streets of debris and garbage.
  • The trees aren't finished falling. I haven't heard anyone on the local news channels mention this. If we get a good stiff breeze with a cold front, shit is going to start falling from the trees that are still standing and I'm not talking about acorns and bird crap. I'm talking about huge ass limbs that are broken high up in the trees and haven't yet made it to the ground. Heads up everyone.
  • I just heard on the evening news that the burn ban has been lifted in Hardin County for this weekend so people can get rid of some of the debris in their yards. The burn ban has been implemented because it is dangerously dry from, if you can believe it, a lack of rain. Keep in mind that all of the trees that were downed during the hurricane three weeks ago are now pretty much kindling. Does anyone else see disaster written all over this lifting of the burn ban?
  • Premonitions? A month or so before the hurricane, I told my family that if we were to get hit by a hurricane or an ice storm, we would be in big trouble because of the trees that were growing all around the high wires. We still have areas of the city weeks away from having power restored because of fallen trees. The week before the hurricane hit, I suddenly and inexplicably got tired of the Dilbert paraphernalia I had all over my office which I had been collecting for about ten years and brought it all home. This made it a lot easier to pack up my office in preparation for the storm which hit a week later. I sure hope I'm not having another premonition here with regard to the lifting of the burn ban.


Anonymous said...

I hope you're wrong, Laurie. That sounds scary.

I've been catching up and just now saw the falling George W. I loved the falling girl but this is sooooo much better! Thanks!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Will this be all straightened out in time for Hurricane Zebra?

Mommy said...

OMG, I hope you're wrong about that burn ban stuff... being that we live in HC and my mother plans on burning a HUGE PILE OF CRAP this weekend... oh well, I won't be here. Perhaps I should pack up for this weekend like I did for Rita?

Haha. :)

Lorna said...

we'll keep watching; although it's nice to be far-sighted, I hope you're wrong

Anonymous said...

Before I went on-line to catch-up on my favorite blogs, I noticed a small black box on one of the other secretary's desks. It is an invite to a halloween party in Houston (you know the kind the upscale law firms send out). The theme is "Disco Inferno," and it comes with a real lighter that has "Burn Baby Burn" engraved on one side of it. Then I read your blog about the burn ban being lifted. . .OMG! xoxo jp

thenewmrsf said...

Laurie, if you're right about your premonition, not only will you have a very promising future in fortune-telling, but your blogs will be even MORE important & informative...kudos to you as well on the gratitude that needs to be expressed to ALL who've been so helpful throughout this crappy time! I hope YOU don't prove to be TOO helpful, tho. :)

Laurie said...

Sophmom - I hope I'm wrong, too. Glad you enjoyed Georgie Boy.

Old Horsetail - I sure hope so.

Jen - I'm sure they'll be careful, right?

Lorna - I sure hope I'm wrong, too.

JP - That's weird!

New Mrs. F - Maybe I can get a spot in Jackson Square and tell fortunes. Hell yeah!

Dick said...

Fascinating stuff! The Dunkin' Donuts is only a few blocks from where I live and I had no idea there was that kind of water in that particular area. This is what I missed while "evacuated" to Newton County. Thanks Laurie, it is some spectacular video.

Laurie said...

Dick - I couldn't believe it either. I hope your house did okay in the storm.