Wednesday, March 21, 2012

All You Need is bom bada bom...

Last night my mom and I went to a memorial service for my Aunt Gladys’ sister-in-law.  Although I only saw Aunt Dorothy a few times a year, she always had a big hug for everyone, a warm smile and something funny to say.  During the services, her adult granddaughter spoke and now I know why Aunt Dorothy was such a joy to be around.  Her granddaughter told a few funny stories and then told us she wanted us all to know the three lessons she learned from her grandmother.

Smile More

The granddaughter’s sister went to visit her grandmother and was complaining about this or that.  Her grandmother looked at her and sweetly said, “You’re always complaining about something.  You need to stop complaining so much and decide to enjoy life.  Smile more.  You have a beautiful smile.  You should smile more.”

Never Hate

Aunt Dorothy did not like the word “hate” and nobody was allowed to use it when they were around her.  If someone said, “I hate this pencil.”  She would say, “You do not hate that pencil.  You dislike that pencil.” 

Always Love

Her granddaughter once asked her, “How can you love everybody no matter what they’ve done?  No matter what awful things they’ve done or how they’ve treated people, you’re always kind to them.  How can you treat everyone so nice all the time?”

Aunt Dorothy looked at the baby her granddaughter was holding and told her, “You have to look at everyone as though they’re that baby you’re holding.  When we’re born, we’re pure love and innocence like that baby.  God created us full of love and things happen to people in their life, but that innocent baby is still inside that person.  You have to look for that innocence and see it in everyone you meet.  Look at everyone like God looks at them.”

Rest in Peace

Now, I know why I felt such peace when I would sit next to Aunt Dorothy and listen to her funny stories.  She saw God in me.  She saw God in everyone.  Rest in peace, Aunt Dorothy.  You deserve it.  I strongly dislike that you won’t be around anymore.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I'm disturbed at how many of my "Draw Something" pictures start out looking like some variation of a penis.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Magic Man?

I hate it when I've been standing waiting for an elevator and someone rushes up like they're so damn important and RE-pushes the elevator button and the damn elevator opens up like that person has some sort of magic powers. Screw you, elevator.