Sunday, September 23, 2012

Everybody Has a Camera...Dammit

The above two pictures were taken on the same night of the same trip to New Orleans in March of this year (2012).  I recently used the picture on the left as my Facebook profile picture.  Everyone was being so sweet about the loveliness of it that I started to feel guilty. I felt it was sort of false advertising.  

I admit that I look pretty good for 57 (Oil of Olay), but I don't look as good as that picture on the left. Chins up, margaritas and fortunate lighting can create a lovely illusion.  I'm more a combination of the two pictures.  So, I created the combo picture above and posted that as my Facebook profile picture instead. 

I posted it to remind everyone that in these times when everyone has a camera at their fingertips and we're all constantly being photographed, we should enjoy every minute of a perfectly lighted, accidentally great photo, but we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves for the not so great ones.

We know you don't look like the bad ones and, I hate to tell you, we also know you don't always look like the glamorous ones either.  So, stop untagging and deleting the ones you don't like.  It's all part of who you are and if anyone decides to stop being your friend or not date you because of an unflattering Facebook picture, you're best rid of them anyway.