Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Must See Weird TV - The Schedule

I love television the last couple of weeks in October. There's all kinds of ghostly, creepy stuff playing. Dana left a comment on my Must See Weird TV post asking when all the shows play that I mentioned in the post. Ask and you shall receive. (All times are Central.)

Surface (Monday @ 7 on NBC)
Medium (Monday @ 9 on NBC)
Supernatural (Tuesday @ 8 on WB)
Dead Famous (Tuesday @ 9 on Biography)
Ghost Hunters (Wednesday @ 8 on Sci-Fi)
Lost (Wednesday @ 8 on ABC)
Invasion (Wednesday @ 9 on ABC)
Night Stalker (Thursday @ 8 on ABC)
Firefly (Friday @ 6 on Sci-Fi)
Ghost Whisperer (Friday @ 7 on CBS)
Threshold (Friday @ 8 on CBS)
Most Haunted (Friday @ 8 on Travel Channel)

Also check the History Channel and the Travel Channel for Haunted History, Weird Travels and Haunted Hotels. The Sci-Fi Channel also has reruns of the original Night Stalker and the Twilight Zone.


Mommy said...

my favorite episode of the twilight zone is the one where the sun is moving closer to the earth making it hotter and hotter... but that turns out to be some chick's fever dream and really the earth is moving further and further away from the sun. used to scare the piss out of me when i was little! :) no wonder i'm so WEEEEIRRRDD!!!

Lorna said...

dearie---you Americans are soooo lucky.

Anonymous said...

Basically, you're looking for a TV show called the Haunted Alien Conspiracy Theory Show. Actually, I might watch that myself.

Laurie said...

Jen - I love it when the Sci-Fi channel has the Twilight Zone Marathon.

Lorna - Yeah, but I watch way too much tv.

Andrew - You might be onto something. Actually,that sounds a lot like The X-Files.

Dana said...

You are so awesome!!! I didn't expect you to go through all of that trouble, but I thank you kindly!

Love ya'!