Monday, October 14, 2013

Separate Checks: Is it really THAT big of a deal?

I understand that asking for separate checks from a restaurant/server's standpoint is probably a pain in the ass.  However, in this day of computers, shouldn't that be an easy task?  We, as patrons, know the paying out process will take longer and we don't care, but is it really that difficult to separate checks and get the checks right?  Maybe it is.

Then, there's the issue of one person paying the whole bill (sometimes for a bunch of people he barely knows) who then has a huge debit on his credit card and a pocket full of cash from being reimbursed that he didn't really want to be carrying around the rest of the night.

Especially in a tourist town (hello, New Orleans), separate checks shouldn't be that big of a deal?  Right?  Maybe I'm a peasant and don't understand how the rich people do things, but us normal people would like to not be treated like we're asking too much of the world by requesting separate checks.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

"Not the livestock, George!"

I was talking to my mom on the phone today and she told me she is going to a bible study class and had no idea there was so much sex in the bible.

She said, "It's intercourse this and intercourse that. They call it intercourse. I don't know how they had time to take care of all their cows and their sheep."

I said, "Well, I guess they didn't have anything else to do in those days."

"Yeah," she said, "But this guy was Jacob. He had a LOT of cows and sheep. A lot! No way he had time to take care of all those cows and sheep."

"Plus," she said, "All those kids and wives! Sex, sex, sex."

We spoke a little longer, then she said, "Gotta go. Gotta go read my sex book."
 — with Ruby Courville Ransonette.

Sweet Dreams are Made of These

I was babysitting the kids the other night and I told my six year old granddaughter it was her bedtime.

She said, "Grandma, tonight I want you to put me to bed after I pass out. Do you know what 'pass out' means? It means that I can't even keep my eyes open and can hardly move anymore."

I said, "No, we can't do that tonight. It's a school night."

As I was walking her to her bedroom, she sadly and quietly said, "But, I wanted to pass out."

I feel you, sister.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Les Paw Mewsic Series

Saw a great show last night at The Les Paw Mewsic Series. This is my friend Steve Elliott's house which he has turned into a live music venue by putting church pews in his den. How cool is that? I will alert all of you for the next show. It's a wonderful place to hear great music. Last night was Drew Kennedy and it was a fantastic show. Can't wait for the next one!

As an extra added bonus, Donnie Courville brought some of Bigrich Courville's indescribable gumbo! Eat your hearts out, people, especially you John Cowan.

Website:  The Les Paw Mewsic Series