Thursday, June 08, 2006

Update on Dad

Dad is getting a little stronger every day. He isn't crazy about my little blogger updates but I know some of you are wondering.

His official diagnosis is Classic Hodgkin's Lymphoma. He starts chemotherapy soon which will consist of two hours every other week for six months. He has had more CT scans, a bone marrow test and will have a PET scan to determine the staging.

The doctors are all still extremely optimistic about his prognosis even without knowing the staging, yet. Even though it sounds pretty nasty, they assure us this is a highly curable form of cancer.

Once again, mom and dad (and all of us) want to thank everyone for all of the prayers and good wishes and especially for the e-mails you guys sent when he was in Methodist Hospital. They were a real boost at the perfect time.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear. I have known several people who had that and they recovered just fine.

Please let your dad know that we aren't that thrilled about these *little* updates either, some of us would prefer to know much more, maybe daily updates complete with sound bits! ;-) Just joking.

I figure in things like this, the more people pulling/praying/thinking of you, the better off you are, so you are really just helping him with these updates.

Peter said...

Good to hear that your Dad is coming along well Laurie.

Laurie said...

Susan - I'll tell him ALL of that.

Peter - Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Back in 1987, when my baby brother had a brain tumor people did all sorts of things.

One sent him a mobile of orgami cranes they had made (based on the thousand cranes), another person went on a pilgrimage to a place in then Yugoslavia where a vision of Virgin Mary had appeared and prayed for him, someone else left endless huge bags of M&M's in his hospital room. These are the ones that stand out, but there were tons of them!

I convinced the local science musuem to part with a couple of their display garlands of stars so I could hang them in the far corner of his room.
I should probably admit that most of the really unusual things were from friends of mine, LOL!

Some of these things just horrified my brother, esp the pilgrimage one, but it is about 19 years later and we still have him!

I still have a few of the stars somewhere if it might help your dad.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you finally got around to an update. Tell Red there's a lot of people that want to know how he's doing.

Laurie said...

Susan - At Methodist Hospital, there was a huge display case with a thousand origami cranes that someone (or several people...I can't remember the story). It was amazing.

LG (Lonesome George?) - I'll tell him. Thanks.

Vettacini Sheppard said...

Hey girl. Just read about your Dad. I've been experiencing computer problems out here in No Man's Land Orangefield and been busy taking care of my step son who had knee surgery last week. Ya'll are all in my prayers though and keep us posted!!! Check back with you later...Vettacini.

Laurie said...

Vetta - We all need to try to get together soon!

nothing_but_coke said...

Sorry I haven't visited here in a while. I hadn't read about your dad until now. I hope he does well with his treatments. Just an aunt had that form too and she made it through just fine. I remember her chemo made her sick when she would travel by car so we didn't get to see her at too many family get-to-gethers though.

Laurie said...

Shelli - Nice to hear from you. Glad your aunt came through okay.