Friday, June 23, 2006

Best Laid Plans

I sent an e-mail to my lunch friends saying that we should walk to the Wellness Center (about 2 miles from the office) for lunch at least one day a week and eat a delicious healthy lunch and walk back to the office. My friends agreed and the lunch walk was scheduled for Friday.

My friends and I began e-mailing each other saying things like, “Are we still on for lunch Friday at the Wellness Center? Or, we can do something else. It really doesn’t matter.” Thank, God. I had talked myself out of the torturous walk in the 90 degree heat myself but didn’t want to be the first one to back out.

I purposely wore inappropriate walking shoes for the death hike to the Wellness Center. Instead, we walked across the street to the new resale shop which is in the same quaint little shopping center as a new, very New Orleans-ish, antique-ish sort of home accessories shop and which is also the location of the best bakery in town. We shopped and ate lunch under the covered patio.

We’ll give healthy another shot next week...or maybe the week after that.

Edited to add at 3:15 p.m.:
We just went back across the street to Rao's for a hot Caramello (my office is cold so that really does make sense). I wonder if anyone at work has noticed that I've pretty much taken a day of vacation at the office today. I just love walking into my office and seeing shopping bags strewn about. It feels so festive.


Gina said...

wait till the heat is over!

Laurie said...

Jersey T - Well, there is that one cool day in February that might work.