Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Another Great Courville's Concert

Tonight was another great show at Courville's with Jack. As you know, Jack is the better reviewer of this live music obsessed duo so I will leave the meaty review to him. (I'm still waiting on his Hell's Bell's review but my guess is he can't read his notes.) In the meantime, following are my highlights of the evening.

First of all, this isn't exactly a highlight but I've added a link to Courville's over on my sidebar. Check it out regularly. For $30 you get dinner and a concert. The concerts are during the week but they always end at about 10:00 p.m. The acts are top notch and always include an entertaining opening act. Some of the better known performers who have played and are scheduled to play: Rusty Wier, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Jerry Jeff Walker, Billy Joe Shaver, Hayes Carll. However, even if you've never heard of the scheduled performer, you should make your reservation early (the place is small) and just go to the show. It's always a great evening of live music and good food.

The opening act tonight was a girl who is originally from Beaumont named Glenna Bell . She had a great voice and was a genuinely nice person. That's a big plus in a small room.

Tonight's headliners were Chip Taylor and Carrie Rodriguez. Chip is famous for writing Wild Thing, Angel of the Morning and for being Jon Voight's brother. Carrie has a great voice which harmonizes perfectly with Chip and she plays a kick ass fiddle. They were joined onstage by a guy who played a standup bass, a drummer and a guitar player. The guitar player was very talented and has also played with Van Morrison. They were all fabulous musicians and we had the best seats in the house.

Favorite moment of the evening:
Audience sing-a-long to Wild Thing (Jack, I always knew you were groovy.)

Favorite lyric (I'm paraphrasing because, although I tried so hard to remember it exactly, it's already gone from my Smirnoff addled brain):
Their hearts are so full of rain, I can't believe they haven't drowned.


Miss Cellania said...

I have to admit, the rain is a killer line.

Laurie said...

Miss Cellania - The whole song was very good (as was the whole show) but that is the line that sticks with me still today.