Friday, June 16, 2006

I am scum

I had to have some blood work done this morning so, off to the lab I went. As I walked toward the building, a car pulled up in front of me and dropped off a couple of people who made it clear that their mission was more important than mine. We got to the lab about the same time but the sign on the door said it wouldn’t open for another thirty minutes.

I am scum. Part 1: I noticed a separate sign indicating that there might be another entrance to the lab and headed that way. I didn’t tell the people about the other lab entrance.

I am scum. Part 2: Eventually, they found their way to the second lab entrance and started to go up to the window ahead of me. I told them I hadn’t been waited on, yet, and proceeded to get my paperwork from the clerk.

I am scum. Part 3: The people I was jockeying for position with were a mother/daughter team. The mother was an older lady. Why didn’t I just let them go ahead of me? So what if I was five more minutes late for work. I was going to be late anyway.

Karma. Part 1:

The technician took me into the little room which was adjacent to the waiting room and didn’t close the door. He also didn’t ask my name or for any sort of identification. He tied off my arm and said, “So, you’re having your potassium checked?” I said, “I’m not really sure. The doctor checked off all sorts of things on the form.” For some reason, I decided to ask, “Is that the paperwork for Anderson?” Guess what, it wasn’t. It was for the people I was trying so hard to beat to the blood letting finish line. I said, “That’s probably for the lady in the waiting room.”

I am scum, scum, scum. Part 4:
Since the technician didn’t bother to close the door, the daughter heard everything and said, “I bet that’s for my mom.” The lady and I traded places as the daughter stood in the doorway between the waiting room and the lab room. The daughter and I started talking and she told me that her mother’s potassium was through the roof so her doctor sent her to the lab for this emergency blood test because they had to leave right away to go to Arkansas because the mother’s uncle had died. The doctor would then call them on the road to tell them what to do next. I am scum, scum, scum.

Stupid, stupid, stupid:
When the tech finished with the lady, I wished them luck. I told the technician he needed to ask people their name and not what kind of test they were having because some people, like me, don’t know exactly what the doctor has ordered. His response: “When we’re at the hospital, the patients are wearing little bracelets.”



Dangerous idiot.

Karma. Part 2: On my way out of the lab, I saw a lady waiting patiently at the first door which had the sign wrongly indicating that the lab wouldn’t open for another ten minutes.

I told her about the other door.


Mommy said...

You're not scum, Laurie! I refuse to believe it!

Karma always works for you because you're a good person!

Laurie said...

Jen - Aw, that's just the caffeine talkin'.

Lori Stewart Weidert said...

Love this entry on so many levels. It's a great reminder that those "other" annoying people just might have something going on that's bigger than we are. I'll remember to take a deep breath next time I'm...cut off in traffic.

You wrapped the story up very well. Love it.

Dave Knechel said...

That tech should lose his job. He might come back and tell you you're A negative pond scum and that would be wrong, just wrong. You're O positive, right?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

And now you are Lesser Scum. Good show, Orleans.

Laurie said...

Gnight Girl - Aren't you nice! I really need to work on this in traffic. Thanks for the reminder.

Dave - I really need to say something to someone about that guy but he was really nice and I'm afraid it would be like that Seinfeld episode where they got that waiter fired.

I'm pretty positive I'm negative.

Old Horsetail - Thank you, sir. Just trying to get to Heaven without too many detours, you know.

Lorna said...

Scum? I doubt it---probably just that bubbly stufff that sits on the pond before it develops into scum.

Laurie said...

Lorna - Bubbly, pre-scum? You're right. That does sound more like me.

ChinaBounder's email: said...

Nice story, well-balanced. Love the page design, too.

Laurie said...

Chinabounder - Thanks!