Thursday, December 03, 2009

Why didn't YOU think of that?

From our WTF Department comes this story of looking for love in all the easiest places. The wannabe massage therapist had to have known that the 21-year-old woman who so easily allowed a "field" massage therapist into her home was easy prey.

If he had come to my door with promises of free massages and instructions to gradually remove my clothes, I...well, I...never mind.

DENTON, Texas (AP) - Denton police are looking for an assault suspect who posed as a massage student to touch a woman and then ask her out.

A police report said the 21-year-old Denton woman answered a knock at her door by someone who claimed he was doing field work for a massage class.

She let the man into her apartment and allowed him to massage her, but became suspicious when he asked her to keep taking off more clothes Monday.

Police say the woman finally got the man to leave, but not before he asked her to go on a date.

She declined.

She called the massage school and was told the man was not enrolled. She then called police.

A detective did not immediately return a message Wednesday from The Associated Press.

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Lorna said...

when Emily was taking Aromatherapy classes, she had to find a bunch of people willing to let her practice massage. Maybe the guy was just inarticulate or clumsy....

pollabear said...

haa creepy and dopey!

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