Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coming Clean

Okay, since you perceptive readers aren't buying the "busy, busy, busy" line, I have to be honest with you, my dear friends. It's not fair to you to be so vague and I apologize for that.

As of December 31, I will be officially unemployed from the job I have had for the last ten years. Business is slow and all that.

However, I have high hopes and lots of contacts and great faith that I'll find another paralegal/legal secretary job before December 31. I do realize that "secretary" is not the politically correct term these days...administrative assistant is the preferable term...but I am and always will be a secretary at heart.

Wish me luck, say some prayers and send good vibes. I know I'll find something fabulous.


Anonymous said...

First I have to say "Well, crap!" Now I'll say that you do know that there is something better out there. I do believe in prayer and will pray and you have lots of others doing the same. I'm sorry you have to carry the burden of uncertainty through the holidays.

There's some sort of corporation out there that will be lucky to get you. -M

Laurie said...

My dear "OLD"...and I mean that in the nicest way...friend "M", we are all so fortunate to be able to reconnect in this way after all these years. Terra will never know how many lives she's changed by starting that alumni site.

I look forward to seeing you soon and keeping up our reborn birthday-buddy friendship.

Steve said...

I've hated watching the firm go boom and seeing so many friends lose their jobs. I was sure hoping you'd be one of the ones to stay. Sadly, the ones moving on now may actually be the lucky ones. You get a head start on the folks in the next round of cuts. Keep your head up and remember that if you're out of work for a while, I am available for Rock Band marathons.

Lorna said...

Oh damn!!! i thought that danger was on the wane. More later by e-mail. XX

Laurie said...

Steve, Rock Band marathons rock.

Lorna, I thought so, too, but I have a tendency to put on blinders.