Sunday, March 15, 2009

This and That

Watch that spell check
My mom recently sent the whole family an e-mail telling us that my cousin's colonoscopy results were fine and that he only has "pileups." Spell check didn't recognize "polyps."

A friend of mine kept responding to my e-mails with a hearty "Defiantly!" I finally asked her if she meant "definitely." She did. Once again, spell check was the culprit.

If you're a professional clown, know where you're going
My dad is a professional clown. He got lost looking for a birthday party the other day and was stopped by the police. A 911 call had been made saying there was a strange man in a van dressed as a clown driving slowly up and down their street. As a huge crowd gathered, the lady who had booked the party came to his rescue after noticing the commotion down the block.

Old people do it, too
A friend of mine recently bought a house from an older couple. As her husband was putting things away in the bathroom, he felt something at the back of one of the drawers under the sink. "Oh, my God!" he said. "It's condoms!"

"Ewwww, they're so old," said the wife. "Why would they use condoms? VD?!"

"Agggghhhhh!" said the husband as he slowly pulled out...

...Polident tablets.


Lorna said...

Well, yes, I did want to hear something weird. I got happy 3 times.

Steve said...

Is your friend one of the (way, way, way too) many people who spell definitely "definately?" There are definitely too many of those people out there (their? they're?). Spell check is only human, after all. My silly spell check story has to do with obtaining a user name for access to a company website. When the IT department sent me my combination of first initial and last name, I was forever more known as "sellout."

Mommy said...

One of my students (who happens to have an exotic name) had some spell check trouble while typing his research paper. As I was grading, I kept wondering who "Nasal Miner" was. That's when I realized he spell-check corrected his own name.

7th graders.

TBM said...

Oh my gosh--those last two stories are too funny!

Susan in St. Paul said...

LOL! Thanks Laurie!

Anonymous said...

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Laurie said...

Hello, everybody! Hello, Hapi. Nice to meet you.

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