Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reasons I Hate You and I Don't Even Know You

  • You drive a huge gas guzzling SUV.
  • Every morning you park on the street when there are plenty of spaces in the parking lot.
  • By parking on the street, the traffic has to go around your car all day (it's a two lane street).
  • The place that you park on the street is where the sidewalk exits the parking lot.
  • When you get out of your huge gas guzzling SUV, you're always talking loudly on the phone.
  • You never hold the door open for anyone walking behind you.
  • Your pants are too tight.
  • You run to the elevator and either stop it with your hand or holler for the people on the elevator to wait for you.
  • The only obnoxious thing you don't do is throw cigarette butts everywhere.
  • You do these things every...single...morning.


Anonymous said...

I'm probably going to set fire to that SUV. Didn't that used to be a no-parking zone? By the way, I'm anonymous. (wink wink)

Laurie said...

Anonymous (wink wink) - That area WAS no-parking and it was much easier to get in and out. Now, people park all over that area and it's crazy with cars and delivery trucks and the traffic.

Most of the people who park on the street don't work in the building (I think), but this chick has a parking sticker for the lot which is about 20 feet from where she parks on the street. Idiot.

derfina said...

I KNOW that guy!

Rebecca Hickman said...

Hi, Laurie-

I nominated you for a pink lemonade stand award. It's supposed to be for the most positive blog that are filled with happiness. (Ha!) I chose you because you always make me laugh.

Lorna said...

I'm sorry. I didn't know you gave a rat's ass. I'll park in the freaking lot!

Laurie said...

Derfina - Nice to meet you!

Rebecca - Aren't you sweet?! I will spread the love.

Lorna - Hahahah!!! See that you do! (My sister just called me and asked if you really park on the street. I said, "NO! She's in Canada!" HAHAHAHAHA!!