Saturday, December 04, 2004

Yuck-a-do Punch Chronicles

Tonight I will be attending a Christmas party hosted by our firm's newest attorney. I'm sure you're picturing suits and ties and velvet skirts and air kisses and best behaviors. From what I hear, that is the wrong picture.

Word around town is that this Christmas party is legend. I've worked in the legal community in Beaumont, Texas for nigh on 20 years and I've never heard nor been invited to this legendary soiree. That gives you an idea of how cool and connected I am.

This is the type of Christmas party where everyone wears jeans and comfortable shoes, hangs out in the backyard, and drinks something called "Yuck-a-do Punch." Before the party, a group of us are going out for sake and sushi and then heading over to the main event. My plan is to come home (under the supervision of a designated driver, of course) and blog the event in a "Sake/Yuck-a-do Haze."

I shall be the instigator of as much bad behavior as I can encourage and I will chronicle it for you in an incoherent, badly spelled and grammatically poor style, much like all previous posts. The difference being that you have been forewarned.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget your camera! From what I remember, these things can lead to some fun and interesting photo's. Hope ya'll have a blast!

~ Drew

Laurie said...

Ah, yes! The Chronicles must have photos!

Lorna said...

Laurie, attention! attention! that is NOT a Christmas party. You have been seduced and cajoled into having fun in the name of Christmas. Beware, but do take photos---just don't let anyone take pictures of you if you've sushied, saked and sashayed, unless of course, you look sacrumptious.