Sunday, July 20, 2008

A touch of weirdness, perhaps

Today, my mom, sister and I went to one of the casinos in Louisiana. On one of my trips to the bathroom, I got locked in the stall. I seriously thought I was going to have to crawl out under the door. Eventually, the little slide thing on the door gave way and I was able to get out.

When mom and Bonnie dropped me off, I couldn't open my gate. Bonnie unscrewed part of the gate opening thingamajig and I was finally able to get in. True, it's an old gate opening thingamagjig and I've been needing to replace it for quite some time, but still. To get locked in/out twice in one day. That's weird.

However, getting locked in/out isn't the weirdest part. Today is the birthdate of my uncle who passed away in March.

Read here and here for more weirdness about my uncle and my grandma. I've been looking for the post I thought I did about the weird things that happened on my grandma's first birthday after she passed away, but I guess I didn't do one. On her birthday that year, I didn't get locked out of anything, but my computer died, my living room curtains fell and a Tabasco hot sauce sign in my kitchen fell off the wall.

My relatives don't let a silly thing like dying keep them from being part of the action. This is all fine by me. However, even though I'm an amateur ghost hunter, I repeat my request to all dead relatives that I don't actually want to "see" you, if you get my drift.

I realize that might not make sense to any of you (alive or dead), but I never said I was an uncomplicated person. Lock me up, set off my smoke alarm, knock things off the wall, but please stay invisible.

Oh, and don't touch me.



Anonymous said...

As much as I love the whole ghost hunting thing, I don't think I could handle seeing someone, let alone being touched. I'll settle for the appearance of loved ones that have passed in profound dreams.

Laurie said...

Leslie - Yes, the dreams I can handle.