Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Weirdness: Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign

This morning I was reading a chapter in my Anthony Bourdain book entitled "Food and Loathing in Las Vegas." After I finished the chapter, I walked into my office/den/computer room and something was flashing on my desk.

"Odd," I thought.

I walked over to the desk and the Fabulous Las Vegas pin that Steve and Peg bought for me when they were in Las Vegas last year was blinking like crazy. In the six months that I've had the pin, it has never turned itself on.

I turned it off, went about my business, walked back in that room and the pin was on again. This time, I unscrewed the back and went to work.

My grandmother loved Las Vegas and I was fortunate enough to be with her on her last trip there. My uncle, her son, has been in ICU for the past week and is very ill. Is grandma trying to communicate with me or is it just a coincidence? Perhaps, it's just time for me to take a little trip out west.

Maybe, both.

(By the way, Mr. Bourdain highly recommends you try Bouchon at The Venetian and a few other fabulous restaurants at Bellagio and Wynn.)


pokerboss said...

I highly recommend FatBurger.

Rebecca Hickman: said...

It's funny that you were reading Food and Loathing in Las Vegas while I was reading Fear and Yoga in New Jersey. I wonder if any of our friends are reading the original, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Susan in St. Paul said...

Maybe the pin wants to be with your uncle?

Laurie said...

Pokerboss - Hahahaah! I love Fat Burger! He also recommends a couple of fabulous sounding restaurants in the Wynn.

Rebecca - I bet they are. Weird stuff like that happens all the time around here.

Susan - Hmmmm...that's a thought.

Zina said...

I think your mouse is just messing with you!

TexasGal said...

Strange happenings for sure! If I were back home I'd be asking to go with you to Vegas...I love Vegas! Too much fun!!

Grimm said...

I have never been to Vegas, but would LOVE to go sometime.

The pin event is spooky and I am one never to outrule some kind of sign like that.

Just the fact that it got you thinking could have been enough.

Laurie said...

Zina - Stupid mouse.

Texas Gal - I love Vegas.

Grimm - I agree.

neil said...

That is so weird and spooky. I gues the upside is you don't need to go very far to hunt ghosts, they're coming to you. Maybe you could get some of that manly class of ghosthunters over to your place...

Adela said...

I love Bourdain and want to read his books.

Sorry to hear about your uncle. :(

Laurie said...

Neil - Why didn't I think of THAT?! I bet grandma thought of it. :)

Adela - Thanks. I really enjoy his books.