Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Vault

Now that I've sufficiently wasted your time with karaoke sites, here's another one sure to cause you to lose hours and hours of your life.

The site is called the Concert Vault and it has a huge selection of live performances by a diverse variety of artists spanning decades. If you click on the tab which says Wolfgang's Vault you can look at poster art, vintage tickets and lots, lots more.

Here's the scoop on Concert Vault: Click here.

Here's the scoop on Wolfgang's Vault: Click here.


Jack said...

I ran across another site like that the other day:

In the Live Music Archive, they have about a dozen Hayes Carll shows.

Laurie said...

Jack - Man, I sure wish I had speakers at work. I love me some Hayes Carll.

Serena Joy said...

That is very, very cool.:)

Laurie said...

Serena Joy - I thought so, too.