Tuesday, January 23, 2007

More Stingaree Music Fest

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Artists added as of 1/27/07:
Jesse Dayton
Ryan Bingham

Scheduled to appear as of 1/19/07:
Hayes Carll
Adam Carroll
Sam Baker
The Dedringers
The John Evans Band
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Travis Linville
Corb Lund
Roger Marin
Todd Snider
The Stone Coyotes
Graham Weber
Graham Wilkinson
The Sidehill Gougers
Romi Mayes
Sisters Morales

Not listed on the Stingaree website but listed on their individual tour calendars:
Jimmy Kaiser
David Lee Kaiser

There will also be a crab rodeo. (Crab Rodeo details click here.) The winner will have their name printed on the lovely shrimper's boots pictured above and will get to keep them for one year. The boots will then be given to the winner of next year's crab rodeo.

I'm going down to the beach, if the sun ever comes back out, to take pictures of some of the venues to be put on the Stingaree Festival website. According to the guy I'm corresponding with, there will be brunches and music just every-damn-where.

I will update (and repost) this post as artists are added or if I find out any other tidbits of information.


pokerboss said...

I'm psyched about this event. I've already created my own T-shirts by stealing their way cool logo and printing up some iron-on transfers. Now, I gotta go practice my crab wrangling.

La Sirena said...

Have a great time and don't catch the crabs!!!

Roxan said...

Never heard of a single one of these people. What kind of music? If it is country then that explains it.

Grimm said...

Likewise I haven't heard of very many of them but I am extremely jealous nonetheless.

Neal said...

The crab rodeo sounds like it would make the whole trip worthwhile.

Laurie said...

Pokerboss - We'll definitely have to go crabbing at some point over the weekend.

La Sirena - But I want to catch crabs.

Roxan - It's what is known as Texas music which is more country than not but it's different from traditional mainstream country music. Click on the Radio Texas sidebar link to listen for a while.

Grimm - It should be a helluva time.

Neal - I agree!!

pokerboss said...

No crabbing if I have to buy a fishing license. I can buy a lot of crabs and fish for $33.

Laurie said...

Pokerboss - I wonder if you and Peg have to buy a fishing licenses if I make you guys the crab wranglers and you don't touch a chicken neck or a crabnet.