Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello, I'm Laurie...

...and I am a white bread addict.
For years now, I've been faithfully buying wheat bread and ordering wheat toast in restaurants when I really wanted white bread. When I say years, I mean years and years and years.
Enough! When I was at the grocery store last week, I bought the first loaf of white bread that I've bought in years. You know what? It was delicious.
I didn't buy that Wonder Bread crap or that Sara Lee or Natures Own fake enriched white bread propaganda bread. I bought locally baked plain old white bread. If I could get my hands on some Evangeline Maid bread like they sell in Lafayette, Louisiana, I'd be in heaven.
Peanut butter and jelly on wheat bread can't hold a candle to PB&J on white. I love white bread toast and a good old bologna sandwich on freshly bought Sunbeam bread. No more wheat for me. I'm fully-growed and I can eat what I want, dammit.
Mmmmmmmmmmm...bread...WHITE bread.


Susan in St. Paul said...

Damn Girl! What else are you doing that like that?

Do it, do it now!

We're not are getting any younger!

Besides most wheat bread is not much better for a person that white bread. most of it is just as refined and white bread is enriched and still made of wheat flour. I can't eat either of it, but store bought white bread toast with peanut butter was always my favorite when I could.

Kind of takes the credibilty about being eviiillll when you are pc about bread.

Leslie said...

I love white bread. I eat only white bread, no wheat for me. I have no regrets.

cindybindy said...

Ah Laurie, Welcome to the Dark Side or should I say the White Side:) There's nothing better than a cheese and bologna sandwich with real mayonaise (no lite or fat free crap) on fresh, soft, white Bunny Bread. Now be sure to drink whole milk with your pb&j :)

Serena Joy said...

At my age, I figure other people can eat whatever they darn well please -- and so can I! Yep, I've been eating white bread again now for a while. A grilled cheese on whole wheat can't hold a candle to white bread. It's not even in the same species.:)

Laurie said...

Susan, Leslie, Cindy, Serena - Sing it, sistas!

NOMAD said...

white bread, sounds a bit odd for me, does that not make fatty ? :lol:

Laurie said...

Nomad - We shall see.

Grimm said...

I am soooo anti-wheat it hurts.

White bread is the ONLY bread for me. None of that "healthy"crap.

My word verification was 'noudnt'.

Why yes I did!

Laurie said...

Grimm - Amen, to that.

laura1814 said...

Okay, I'll go out on a limb here and say that I LIKE whole wheat bread!

But nothing beats Mrs. Baird's roundtop!

I like most any kind of bread.

Laurie said...

Laura - Bread is good.