Friday, January 12, 2007

In Laurie's Brain - More Haiku

Suicidal Woman
Idiot woman,
Must you walk down the up ramp?
I will soon crush you.

Shopper's Lament
Oh, short check-out line,
You cruelly beckon to me.
Price check makes me weep.

Copy Boy's Pain
Crappy copier,
You jam when I need you most.
Your metal guts suck.

Beach Road Blues
Highway 1-2-4,
I follow your white line south.
The Gulf waits for me.

Watch the pelicans
As they gracefully fly by.
My soul flies with them.


Leslie said...

I love Haiku and yours are great!

I'm trying out mentioned in a comment on Grimm's blog that you use it. I added you!

Grimm said...

Read Laurie's writings
Laugh until my bald head hurts
Then post bad comment.

Maybe I do have a knack for this.

Kelley said...

Love it! I'm particularly fond of "Shopper's Lament" - how true it is.

(btw, I'm a fellow native Texan and tequila enthusiast!)

Serena Joy said...

(Insert the sound of clapping) You are very, very good at haiku. And a very nice person for not changing the POV and thus the title of the first one to 'Homicidal Woman.' :)

La Sirena said...

Very nice. I especially like "Suicidal Woman" and "Beach Road Hwy".

cindybindy said...

-Teaching in a Classroom-
-Why Can't I Wear Pajamas-
_Oh Wait, We Have a Holiday-

Hope you have a great 3-day weekend! Love your poetry as much as I love your posts.

Peter said...

Once again.. "In Laurie's Brain" can be a dangerous place to be.

Jack said...

Nothing to say here.
I'll just be moving along.
I can't write Haikus.

Jack said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jack said...

Epitaph for Deleted Comment

Wrong symbols I used
HTML fu is weak
This perhaps is right?

The Bolivar Ferry

Seagulls swarm the boat
I have no bread, but I have
An Alka Seltzer

Laurie said...

Leslie - Thanks! I have both you and Grimm on there. It makes it a lot easier to keep up with my favorites. You guys are already two of my favorites.

Grimm - Hahahaha! That's great!

Kelley - ((toasting with Cuervo)) Howdy, Kelley!!

Serena Joy - Whenever I can, I try to hide my homicidal tendencies. You saw right through that though, didn't you, my pretty?

La Sirena - Thanks!

Cindy - Thanks! By the way, I don't get a holiday Monday. Enjoy yours though ((sneering)).

Peter - I'm okay as long as there are pelicans about.

Jack - Yeah, I have the same problem with limericks. :)

Jack (part 2) - Hahahahaha! Now, you can write haiku, too? Crap. I thought I at least had one thing on you.

P.S. I know where you can get some Alka Seltzer. Not that I encourage that sort of behavior, you understand.