Wednesday, January 17, 2007

America (click title for official America website)

The band America has a new CD out which was released yesterday. I heard a track this morning and I loved it.

This info is from
"In an effort to aim the album toward both younger and older audiences, the label decided to bundle the new album with a second disc comprising live performances of every track from History: America's Greatest Hits, previously recorded at XM Radio as part of XM's Then Again...Live series."

Here's a bit of trivia I picked up from Song Facts as well as Wikipedia:
"The cover artwork on the album History: America's Greatest Hits was the work of Phil Hartmann, who later became famous as a comedian on Saturday Night Live. Hartmann later dropped an "n" off his last name prior to achieving fame. His brother John was America's manager for many years. "


pokerboss said...

Phil Hartman was just way too talented. My favorite of his album covers is the one for Poco's "Legend" album. America has also been a favorite for a long time. Saw them live a few years ago (a free concert in the park in Vegas!) and they were still great. Many of the songs on the new CD were featured a couple of weeks ago on a PBS special. There's some good stuff there. We can karaoke the hell out of these guys if you'll just buy the machine!

Lorna said...

Buy the machine, and give us some blaraoke! the world is ready.

And i loved the hell out of Phil Hartman. Obviously a multi-talented man.

Grimm said...

Ok, where I once thought I was musically knowledgable, I feel slightly inadequate as I try and recall an America song.

Was "Horse With No Name" song by them? I feel so ashamed.

Laurie said...

Pokerboss - I like Poko, too. I had no idea Phil Hartman did all of that.

Lorna - I think I'm going for the little orange karaoke machine.

Grimm - Go to the Amazon site and start clicking on all the songs from their History album. I guaranty you'll recognize 90% of them.

Sophmom said...

I had 'em on a flight back in the day when I was working for MississippiRiverLand Airlines (not its real name). They were really nice. That was kind of unusual.

Laurie said...

Sophmom - Cool!!

neil said...

Hey, what gives? There isn't any nameless horse in your photo...just some crappy, broken down bus.

Laurie said...

Neil - Ah, it does appear to be in the desert though.