Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Isn't that weird?"

(Note: If you get bored in the middle of this post, skip to the end.)

My sister, Bonnie, says she's going to put these words on my tombstone:

"Isn't that weird?"

It seems that I find weirdness all around me. Perhaps, I create the weirdness by making connections that aren't there. Whatever the cause, whether it be coincidence, sychronicity or serendipity (all examined in previous posts on this blog which Blogger won't let me link to today) odd messages from The Universe are not lost on me. I may not be able to interpret them, but I do acknowledge them.
Last night, I was forced to acknowledge two of my most embarrassing non-accomplishments:
  • As a self-proclaimed Monty Python fanatic, I have never seen Life of Brian.
  • As a self-proclaimed live music addict, proud Texan and avid street partier, I have never been to Austin.

So, as soon as I got out of bed, I went to my computer to order Life of Brian from Amazon. As I was looking through my shopping cart to see what else I could order to get my free shipping, nature called. (Sorry, but that's an important part of my little story here.) I grabbed the book I'm reading, proceeded to The Throne and opened my book.

The bookmarked page and name of the next chapter? The Life of Bryan.


Leslie said...

"I create the weirdness by making connections that aren't there."

You described me perfectly. I see "signs" everywhere I go.

Susan said...

Isn't that weird? I use weird a lot too, just ask the Sock.

Strange, I have seen the Life of Brian and been to Austin many times and I live in Minnesota!

Does everyone but me read while on the toilet?

Do you have a tv in your bedroom?

Laurie said...

Leslie - I like seeing the signs.

Susan - I will be remedying the Life of Brian deficit shortly and, perhaps, I'll just drive myself to Austin one fine spring day.

Regarding your television in the bedroom question, no, I do not have a television in my bedroom.

Dawn said...

Lol, now that IS weird!

Sophmom said...

I can't believe you've never been to Austin! Yikes! I haven't been there in years and I understand it's changed a lot. It's too bad you can't go to Austin in, say, 1975, now.

I've been catching up, and finally got to listen to your singing (not a good idea to do this at work). You sound exactly like I thought you would.

Also, I eat white bread without apology, but sometimes I like real coarse brown bread too. I disagree with the commenter who prefers white bread grilled cheese. I love brown bread grilled cheese but there's nothing like white bread turkey or chicken with mayo (Hellman's). Hell, being a true southerner, I'll do just open faced mayo on white. Yummm!

Take care amidst all that weirdness. Peace, darlin'.

Laurie said...

Dawn - I know!!

Sophmom - Hahahaha! I love real mayo. I did stop using Miracle Whip ages ago. I remember when I did, my son said, "Mom, this is GOOD!." Poor baby had never had real mayo. He was about 12 years old at the time (now he's 26).

Grimm said...

My wife thinks I am weird when I use toomany multi-syllable words in a row.

"Whatever the cause, whether it be coincidence, sychronicity or serendipity.."

Hey guess what, you must be weird.

Laurie said...

Grimm - You mean you hadn't already guessed I'm weird.

Zina said...

So, you're saying all of your "coincidence, sychronicity or serendipity" is somehow connected by the "throne".....very Freud and very very....par for your course!


PSS-Man, get your butt to Austin. I'm not as big a music fan as you are and I've been there several times. I love that place! There is also an amazing bookstore called bookpeople you would spend one entire day there.

Laurie said...

Zina - Will do!!

laura1814 said...

What I want to know is: who is this Brian whose life you need to pay attention to?

Laurie said...

Laura - I know! It has to mean something, right?

laura1814 said...

Yes, definitely! Is Brian the name of the father of the woman who bought a webcam with you? Is someone going to take you to Bryan 957? (Or is that 757? No, that's a plane. 579? No, clothing store. Musta been right the first time.)

Laurie said...

Laura - I've never been to Bryan's. If someone takes me, I'll be sure to add an unreasonable amount of significance to the evening. Thanks for the heads up. :)

laura1814 said...

I just visited Jen's blog and now I know who Brian is! Clearly you are involved in a significant change in his life. Thus, Life of Brian!

Laurie said...

Laura - Interesting! This wedding might have bigger significance that I realize. Hmmmm.....