Saturday, January 06, 2007

Do I LOOK like Charles Manson?

Saturday I went to the beach to rent a cabin for my vacation in April. When I got to the real estate office, I told the lady which dates I needed and which cabins I was interested in. Those of you who know me are correct in assuming that I had my notebook, file folder and clipboard with me so we were able to hit the ground running.

When I told the lady I was interesed in a particular cabin, she looked at me and said, "That one is very basic."

She said this to me in the same way that Tony Soprano would tell someone, "You don't want to use that waste removal contractor."

I told her that my family liked the pictures because it has a pool table and she repeated in the same monotone, slightly threatening voice, staring right into my eyes, "It's very basic."

A man who was there at the same time, looked at me and said, "It's a guy thing. They always want the one with the pool table."

The real estate lady shot him a look that said, "Mind your own business, buster."

She looked back at me and I said, "Okay, let's scratch that one off then."

She then gave me the keys to the three cabins from my list that weren't rented for the week I wanted and which met her, evidently, high standards of beach cabin rental ethics.

When I got to the first cabin, I noticed that there was an SUV parked under the cabin. I assumed it was someone on the beach who just decided to park their car under this particular beachfront cabin. I was wrong.

I climbed the stairs and walked around on the deck for a minute when, suddenly, the front door of the cabin opened. Standing there was an extremely surly 40-ish-year-old woman. Who can be unhappy at the beach, I ask you?

I said, "Oh, hi! The lady at S_____'s told me no one was staying here. I'm thinking about renting this cabin in April."

She just glared at me. She glared. At ME.

I said, "I'm sorry. Is this your cabin? The lady must not have known you were here."

"It's not my cabin and she knew we were here. I paid her, " she scowled.

Being as sweet as I could, I walked over to her and tried to look inside the cabin and said, "Do you mind if I just peek at the living area right here? I won't walk in."

She blocked the door like I was Freddy Krueger trying to murder her and everyone inside. Behind her, I could see two women, one sitting at the kitchen table and one sitting on the couch. There was no wild-drug-sex party going on which would have at least explained her lousy attitude at being so rudely interrupted.

I, suddenly, did have a very real desire to go all Charles Manson on her ass but I just said, "Thanks, anyway, bitch." (I didn't really say that.)

The good news is that I got my cabin and now I'm ready for the Stingaree Music Festival which is being organized by Hayes Carll. Yeah, that's right. I didn't tell any of you, my faithful readers, about it until I had MY cabin rented.

You didn't know I could be so sneaky, did you?


Roxan said...

While the woman at the cabin showed anger at the wrong person, I can't really blame her. It was wrong of the manager to give you the key to a place that was already rented. Even just to look at. We have people wanting to look at rooms all the time at the hotel and we don't send them to rented room.
I would have probably invited you in to look around, but you have to respect those who think otherwise.

Grimm said...

I don't know why, I just have this image of Scooby, Shaggy & the gang coming around to tear the rubber mask off that woman.

She would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids...and THIS lady!

Ruh Roh Raurie!

Oh God I need help...

Laurie said...

Roxan - It was definitely wrong of the real estate lady to give me the keys but it was an honest mistake. It was a BAD mistake, I agree. However, I still think there's no excuse for being rude. I don't even blame the lady for not letting me in because, let's face it, I COULD have been a crazy person, but she didn't have to be so mean.

Grimm - Ruh Roh! Hahahah! Maybe she robbed a bank or something! Dang. I'm going back out there today to investigate some more. Wanna come, Shaggy?

Sophmom said...

I would like a beach cabin in April, please (with or without accompanying music festival). Good for you! :)

Roxan said...

No, there is no reason for rudeness towards you. You were sent there by the agent and fully expected to see an empty cabin.

Zina said...

Does this mean no one will be having the crawefish boil at Easter? I just marked that week off for vacation.

You are Charles Manson...ok maybe not as bad but close!


Serena Joy said...

Ooooo, I wish I could go to that. {pouting}

I know I sometimes get out of sorts if the doorbell rings when I'm, like, naked or something. That didn't seem to be the case with Cabin Girl, and her rudeness was totally uncalled for. Maybe they were a gang of Bad Girls, holed up doing something Bad.:) It takes all kinds, I guess.

Laurie said...

Sophmom - I'll think about you while I'm down there. How's that?

Roxan - I bet she really gave that poor real estate lady hell. I warned the real estate lady when I brought her keys back.

Zina - The music festival is 4/13, 4/14 and 4/15. That's the weekend after Easter.

Laurie said...

Serena Joy - She definitely had something stuck up her @$$.

Roxan said...

Maybe it was one of those "All the young girls love Alice." things and you interrupted before the "party" got started. LOL

Leslie said...

Geez. What a meanie. Glad you didn't kill her. Good thing it was you that went to check out the cabin and not "Lennie."

neil said...

We rented a cabin once in a place where all the cabins were identical, we had also borrowed the sister-in-law's car. I needed to get something from the cabin, which wasn't far from the pool and walked back to where I noticed our car and opened the door to find a naked middle-aged women at the dresser. "That's funny " I thought, "I don't remember bringing you" She was just asking me to get out, so I did and looked closer at the car and realized it wasn't ours. Oops!!! Yep, you are sneaky too.

Laurie said...

Roxan - Maybe the other chicks rejected her. I can see why.

Leslie - Hahahaha! Perhaps, Lennie did make an appearance. I better check the newspapers.

Neil - I've tried to get into the wrong car many times but I've never accidentally seen anyone naked. That could be a good thing.