Sunday, January 07, 2007

Stupid Frogs

It's nice to know that some things never change. I'm still as spastic as I ever was at Frigger...uh, I mean...Frogger.
Click here to play more 80's arcade games. They say they're 80's arcade games but I definitely played some of these in the 70's. Yeah, I sucked back then, too.
The only things I could play with any degree of success on my son's first Nintendo were Excitebike and Kung Fu and, even at 7 years old, he always kicked my ass.


Roxan said...

I buy games just for me. My son is into the shooting games, but I have a hard time with those. I got stuck on the stairs trying to play Perfect Dark.
My favorite Super Nintendo game was one where Taz ran down the road gulping down little yellow birds.

Sophmom said...

Oooo.... I was pretty good at the various iterations of Zelda and at Tetris and Dr. Mario (not to be confused with Mario Bros. Those were the days.

Laurie said...

Roxan and Sophmom - My son also loved Wolfenstein and would want me to watch him play. I would get such motion sickness, I would have to stop watching. I don't know how those kids do it.

Grimm said...

Dr. Mario was pretty sweet, although i am afraid that many of those games I would suck at royally today.

I think I have had pretty much every game console ever made except for the X-Box.

Laurie said...

Grimm - I can't do any of them except the very first Nintendo. Oh, and I can play Tetris on the old Gameboy.