Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ringo Starr on Ray Wylie Hubbard

Ringo Starr talks about Ray Wylie Hubbard's Snake Farm CD. (Click here.)

While you're buying Ray's Snake Farm CD (you are, aren't you?), you should also buy Live at Cibolo Creek Country Club. It has lots of his onstage joking and story telling on it and track number 9 (Wanna Rock and Roll/Folsom Prison Blues) is worth twice the cost of the CD.

Did I mention that Ray Wylie Hubbard is going to be at the Stingaree Music Festival? Yeah, I probably did.

While I'm spending your money, you should also buy The Beatles Love which Ringo also mentions in his little video. This is the stage show soundtrack to Cirque de Soleil's Las Vegas show of the same name.

A friend of mine at the office was actually fortunate enough to see this show and she said it was amazing. The Beatles and Cirque de Soleil together? It had to be fantastic. She brought the CD to the office so I could listen to it and I loved it.

I think I'll be spending my Best Buy Christmas gift card and mom and dad Christmas gift money today. Let's see: tax software, The Beatles Love CD, karioke machine and karioke CDs, DVD/DVR/VHS recorder. Ew, I might be a little over.

Merry Christmas, to me!!!


Serena Joy said...

Gift cards AND Stingaree. You are one lucky woman.:)

Grimm said...

Forget all of that, I want Ringo's hat.

willi said...

Ray Wylie Hubbard is cool. His recent music has really been good. When I was a freshmen in Norman, OK I found myself behind the scenes and played spades with Ray Wylie Hubbard and Rusty Weir. That was back when "Redneck Mother" was a hit on the radio.

Sophmom said...

Wow. His website is very cool. If I bought CDs, I'd buy that one. I should make a list of all the CDs I'd buy if I bought CDs (I use to buy CDs). Then, when the boys are through college or their Daddy is back workin', then I'd be able to remember all the CDs I want to buy, and Snake Farm would be one of them (thanks only to you, darlin').

Laurie said...

Serena Joy - Yes, I am!

Grimm - That is a pretty cool hat. With a little Microsoft Paint work, we just might be able to work something out.

Willi - OH MY GOD! Ray Wylie Hubbard AND Rusty Weir? You are my hero.

Sophmom - He definitely has one of the coolest websites I've seen.