Monday, December 18, 2006

My First Crush

That's Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits. I even still remember his whole name: Peter Blair Dennis Bernard Noone and he had the most beautiful blue eyes. He was my first crush and also my first rock and roll album purchase. Next came 45's (children, ask your parents) of the Beatles, Rolling Stones and the Supremes. The rest is music trivia history in my poor overcrowded brain.

Hey, I was only 9. If I had any snap at that point, I would have fallen in love with Bob Dylan's words. I repeat...I was only 9.


Gene Maudlin said...

You mean you gave up on Little Jimmy Dickens?

Serena Joy said...

Here we go with the synchronicity again, Laurie. Check out my Twisted Linguistics today, first "word." LOL!

Ooooo, I remember those 45s. Those were what most of my allowance went for. The "kids" won't know about those little plastic doohickeys you had to put in the middle to play them on the turntable, either.

TexasGal said...

I got my hubbie to by me a "record player" last year for Christmas. I don't have any 45's but I do have a bunch of albums. I like going to half-price books and digging through the albums they have there.

Laurie said...

Gene - He is a cutie pie isn't he?

Serena - That is SO weird. What are the odds? Seriously!!!

Texas Gal - I just sold my turntable. I need to buy another one because I still have my albums.

Grimm said...

Jeez, my first crush was the captain's daughter(?) on The Love Boat.

Good Lord, everytime I post here I realize just how screwed up I am.

Roxan said...

We had a huge collection of 45s that belonged first to my brother, then to my sisters with more added over the years.
The last 45 I bought was in 1978. Linda Ronstadt's Blue Bayou. I liked the reverse side better. I think the title of the song was Old Paint. Had a great line in it.

When I die take my saddle from the wall
Put it on my pony and lead him from his stall
Tie my bones to his back
Turn our faces to the west
and we'll ride the prairie that we like the best.
That is by far the best song line I have ever heard.

Lorna said...

Today, and just today, you were one-upped by your comments, especially Roxan's

Laurie said...

Grimm - We were just talking about her last night! Seriously, I get her mixed up with Julie. It was a whole discussion. Hahahahaha!

Roxan - What a great line!!!

Lorna - My commenters kick ass. Did you notice Serena Joy's?! How weird that we would both mention Peter Noone, of all people, on the same day!

Roxan said...

Isn't it? I found the lyrics to the complete song. I was right about the title.

Laurie said...

Roxan - Surely I've heard it before. I need to download it.