Sunday, December 10, 2006

How Well Do You Know Laurie Quiz - Part 2?

Click on the title to take the quiz. Results so far...

Susan in St. Paul 100 (!!!!!!)
Wang Chi 90
Missy 90
Ruby (mom) 80
Bonnie 80
Katie 60
Kim 60
Cory 50
Serena Joy 40
Carly 40
Jen 40
Melissa 40
Zina 40
Sophmom 30
Jack 20
Lorna 20
Roger 20

  • My mom and sister Bonnie did a good job.
  • My niece Katie continues to know her Aunt Honey oh so well.
  • Serena Joy did very well considering she's only been a blogging friend for a couple of months.
  • Jack and Lorna, I'll make the next quiz simpler for you guys. Perhaps, ten questions about my eye and hair color?
  • Wang Chi, you know me so much better than Jack. (Wang's results only show on my main quiz page visible through a link I have put in the comments. Don't know why.)
  • Sophmom, at least you did better than Jack.
  • Carly and Jen, obviously we don't talk about me nearly enough.
  • Susan in St. Paul got a 100 ON BOTH QUIZES!!!
  • Roger! A 20?! Dude!! How could you possibly think the ****** is my favorite New Orleans hotel? Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!! (On a positive note, so far, you are the ONLY one who got the Barbie doll question right.)
  • Melissa, at least you did twice as good as Roger. Good guess on the boobs.
  • Cory, my beautiful, beautiful son. Good guessing. :)
  • Kim, good job sister-in-law.
  • Zina, you're in the majority with a 40.
  • Missy, you did better than almost everyone...even Melissa and Roger. ;)
Click here to take the first quiz.

Click here to see the post about the first quiz.

Results of first quiz:
Susan in St. Paul 100
Wang Chi 100
Terry G 90
Vikki C 90
Bonnie 80
Katie 80
Lorna 70
Her Mom, Ruby 70
Cousin Susan 70
Roger 70
Shelli 70
Cory 70
D. B. Cooper 60
Carly 60
Zina 60
Melissa 60
Jamie 60
Christian 60
Steve and Peg 60
Jen 50
Christi S. 50
Poodles 50
Jack 40
Sophmom 40
Cindy 40
JustMe 40
Neil 20


Serena Joy said...

Oh, hell, I flunked it big-time. LOL! I need to study Total Guessing a little more attentively.

Laurie said...

Serena Joy - Don't worry, you did twice as good as my very best and longest blogging friend and my very best guy friend.

Sophmom said...

Well, I tanked the hell out of that!

Laurie said...

Sophmom - This was evidently a tough quiz. :)

Jack said...

I would have done better, but I overestimated on that last question.

Laurie said...

Jack - I noticed. Thanks. :)

Word verifier: caktau
(makes me hungry for Vietnamese food for some reason)

Susan in St. Paul said...


ok, that was truly strange. When I didn't know, I just used me or the former me, I have never even seen you in the flesh and I knew your bra size???? scary! I broke my left leg too, my feet were 6 1/2 before major amounts of pt and walking.
How come Wang's score doesn't appear on the quiz site?

Laurie said...

Susan - THAT IS SO WEIRD!!!! I can't believe you got 100 on BOTH quizes!!

I don't know why Wang's score doesn't show on the main page but it shows when I click on my access page to the quiz at this link:


Laurie said...

Susan - (Wang's results show at the very bottom where it says Friend's Results)

Susan in St. Paul said...

Maybe Wang's scores aren't on the list because he and Jack share the same ISP?

Yeah, I think its weird, I didn't even get any help, although I guess I could have.

You know Jack could be right on the last question, as most women in the us are wearing the wrong bra, usually a bigger band to compensate for a smaller cup size. I can't see Jack as a bra fitter though so...

Laurie said...

Susan - Can't see Jack as a bra fitter?! Are you kidding? I think you might have stumbled onto his dream job. :)

Susan in St. Paul said...

maybe if he were very drunk...

nah, it doesn't pay enough.

Laurie said...

Susan - That would make a good Halloween costume: name tag (Official Bra Fitter), a lab coat, tape measure, a big magnifying glass...

Astrid said...

I suck! Haha .. but I have to try your favorite icecream-flavor one day, I don't think I have had that one before yet.

Laurie said...

Astrid - It's fabulous!