Friday, December 15, 2006

The Fruitcake Lady

My friend Elizabeth sent this to me. I hadn't thought about The Fruitcake Lady in a long time. She recently passed away.

From Wikipedia article:

Marie Rudisill died in Hudson, Florida on November 3, 2006, at the age of 95, just before the publication date of her latest book, Ask the Fruitcake Lady: Everything You Would Already Know If You Had Any Sense, on November 7. The November 8, 2006 broadcast of the Tonight Show included a tribute composed of highlights from her segments on the show, including one in which she cooked with (and was hugged and kissed on the cheek by) Tom Cruise.


Jen T. (that's me) said...


Laurie said...

Jen - I know!! Hahahahaha!!!!

Serena Joy said...

I just adored that old lady. What a total hoot she was. Jay Leno had a long piece featuring her best "work" shortly after she passed, and it was just hysterical.

laura1814 said...

I saw the book at B&N the other day. Didn't know she was gone. Won't it be great when we're old enough to stop pretending to be nice to people?

Grimm said...

OMG! I honestly had never seen her before, but DAMN is she hilarious.

Awesome clip. I'm heading over to YouTube right now to find some more.

Roxan said...

What a gem she was. I loved her answer to the woman who asked shouldn't she stop using bad language. Hell no! Love it!

Laurie said...

Serena Joy - She is my new role model.

Laura - Hell, I'm old enough now. I think I'm going to go for it.

Grimm - My work here is done.

Roxan - I know! Hahahahah!