Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy Birthday to The Man

Back in the day, I was madly in love with Larry Bird. Today is his 50th birthday so I caught bits and pieces of a tribute show on one of the 562 sports channels I evidently have and never watch. The shooting!! The passing!! Amazing!!

Basketball is, by far, my favorite sport to watch in person. I was a huge television fan of the sport when Larry Bird was playing.

As I watched the tribute show tonight, I was surprised at the Celtics players I could still name: Ainge, McHale, Parrish. Damn, those guys were fun to watch.


Larry Jones said...

There was a brief, shining moment, wasn't there, when Byrd and Magic entered the league the same year at opposite ends of the continent? The game was on big time for a few years. I watched in amazement. The short shorts! The long socks! Now I wonder who's on drugs or boinking the cheerleaders or thinking about strangling the coach.

Happy Birthday, Larry, and thanks for the show.

se7en said...

Yeah, it used to be all about the game itself. Now it's all flash and dash. The guys today act like they're freaking movie stars with the inane posturing, thuggish attitudes, pitiful social skills and very questionable morals. It's all about the damn benjamins!

Laurie said...

Larry - It was amazing.

Se7en- It's a totally different atmosphere.

Grimm said...

Larry was one of the neighborhood favs as we had countless blacktop basketball games.

My preference was Dr. J. But Bird was a close second.

Still have a poster of Bird and Doc on my bedroom wall at my dads house - and I am 33.

Laurie said...

Grimm - I found a poster of him when I was cleaning out closets a little while back.