Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Thursday Night at the Logon Cafe

A friend of ours is playing at the Logon Cafe Thursday night. We had lunch there today and everything was delicious. I highly recommend popping in there Thursday night for dinner and staying for the show.


TexasGal said...

There will be a Thursday night soon that I will be back in Beaumont!! Made plans for daughter no. 2 and I to fly home at the end of March for a quick visit. A good friend likes to go on Thursday nights to see Britt and Bubba (from TByrd's old band) play at MacKinzie's (however you spell it) so maybe I'll have time for that while I'm there! Missing Rodeo and Mardi Gras though!

Laurie said...

Texas Gal - I've been to MacKinzie's but not on a Thursday. It's not far from my house.