Friday, February 23, 2007

Here's My Question...

I stopped at Jack in the Box on my way home from work yesterday and ordered a Chicken Club Salad. When I got to the window and paid for my salad, the girl told me they were out of the Chicken Club Salad and she hadn't noticed until just then. Whatever. This happens to me all the time, so I'm used to it. So, I told her to give me the Asian Chicken Salad.

When I got home, I had an Asian Chicken Salad with the ranch salad dressing and crouton packets for the Chicken Club Salad instead of the wonton chips and sesame salad dressing which goes with the Asian Chicken Salad. Whatever. Once again, this sort of thing happens to me all the time. If you drive away from a drive-thru without checking your bags, whatever happens after that is your own fault.

We've come a long way in this post to get to my question. We're almost there. The Asian Chicken Salad has little mandarin oranges in it. I debated pouring the bacon ranch salad dressing over my Asian Chicken Salad then thought, "What the hell." It was actually quite delicious.

Finally, here's my question: Does ANYTHING taste bad with ranch dressing on it?


Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Hmmmm. Sounds like a challenge.

Things I know taste good with ranch dressing:
Turkey Sandwich


OK, so I'm not usually very experimental, but I'll give some things a try. Maybe apples would taste good with ranch since the oranges did?

Anonymous said...

We just all need to remember the words of Joe Pesci in Lethal Weapon ... huh... 3 I think. "THEY FUCK YOU IN THE DRIVE THROUGH"

Baby sis.

pokerboss said...

Peg would say no. Everything is improved by Ranch dressing. Her favorite, by the way, is HEB brand. It really is good.

Marinade Dave said...

Blueberries are not that good dipped in ranch dressing.

Years ago I used to drive-thru Wendy's to order a burger. I don't have a problem with mustard, but I don't like it when lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, etc. are on it. I'd always stipulate in plain English that I want everything BUT MUSTARD. NO MUSTARD, PLEASE! I always ended up with a burger with mustard and nothing else.

I ate it anyway, but I finally got tired of their constant mistakes. I don't know, maybe it was because I ordered in English.

Susan in St. Paul said...

I can't answer your question because I have never had bacon ranch dressing, probably never will. I think everything tastes great with raspberry vingerette on it though.

I had no idea about drive thru's not giving what's ordered. The only drive thru I have had any expereince with is the Taco Bell near my work where I can only eat one thing, a hard shell taco without cheese. At times someone will go over there and offer to pick something up for everyone and my taco it always is without cheese.

Roxan said...

Ranch Dressing goes with just about everything.
Nearby there is a pizza shop that has a house dressing. It looks like Pepto Bismal and tastes horrible. Like they tried to make Thousand Island and failed miserably. Thankfully, they have Ranch too.

La Sirena said...

No -- excepting chocolate and other goodies intended for the sweet taste buds.

mrsmogul said...

Everything tastes delicious with RANCH DRESSING!!!! I haven't had chicken salad in ages! My husband is a vegan so when I met him I became one too. I'm RETARDED!!!

Serena Joy said...

The short answer is NO, there's nothing Ranch doesn't taste good on -- except chocolate cake, key lime pie, and pralines.:)

se7en said...

I love Ranch on just about everything, but Wendy's doesn't have Ranch for their salads and nuggets anymore!! They suck!

Lesson learned: Ranch GOOD... Wendy's BAD...


gawilli said...

We have a recipe in the oven now that has chicken marinated in ranch dressing, breaded, then baked. It sure smells good.

My drive-thru experiences have been similar to yours. They put a kitchen in our Breakroom at work which has made lunch much easier - and no more disappointment over screwed up orders.

Lorna said...

Qu'est-ce que c'est---ce "Wendy's"?

Laurie said...

Jenn - I've never put it on a turkey sandwich. Yum!

Baby Sis - Amen, to that.

Pokerboss - I'm going to have to try the HEB brand.

Dave - I tried to order a margarita one time with "just a little sweet and sour." The bartender said "JUST sweet and sour?" I said, "NO!!!" He wasn't my usual bartender. :)

Susan - Raspberry vinaigrette is delicious!

Roxan - I love Ranch with pizza.

La Sirena - Hmmm...probably not chocalate.

Mrs. Mogul - Oh, you must be really in love. :)

Serena Joy - Oh, you named three that probably wouldn't make the cut.

Se7en - No Ranch? What are they thinking?

Gawilli - That chicken dish sounds delicious!!!

Lorna - C'est YUMMY!

TexasGal said...

They don't have RANCH dressing over here when you go out to eat. All they have is like Oil & Vinegar or something similar. Maybe that's why they are all so skinny! You can buy it in the store though however they have Kraft not Hidden Valley. Now, I bet it wouldn't taste good on:

Fish Head Curry, Black Pepper Crabs, Fried Bee Hoon or Century Eggs.

Grimm said...

Now while my wife would say that she hasn't tasted anything that Ranch wouldn't taste good on, I on the other hand have only recently discovered the joys of Ranch on my McDonalds snack wrap.

She had to sneak it by not telling me it was on there or I wouldn't have eaten it.

Laurie said...

TexasGal - No Ranch! Holy cow. Although, I don't suppose it would be very good on the food they serve there anyway.

Grimm - Wow, a Ranch virgin!