Wednesday, February 07, 2007

CNN Breaking News

I just received this CNN Breaking News:

-- NASA is revising its psychological screening of astronauts after one of them, Lisa Nowak, was charged with attempted murder.

Question 263:
Do you, on occasion, wear diapers to avoid restroom breaks on long trips?

Question 263(a):
Do you have a spouse as well as other extra-curricular love interests?

Question 263(b):
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, please complete attached Form 263(b) - Lovers and Other Strangers

Question 263(c):
If you were in space and did not like your Tang, would you mace your co-astronauts?


Serena Joy said...

LMAO! Isn't that one of the most bizarre things you've ever heard of? Unbelievable.

Peter said...

I'm so glad serena joy used bizarre in her comment as mine is;
What a bizarre thing this is, truth is stranger than fiction.
And I didn't have to look up the spelling of bizarre, (hope she/we got it right).

TexasGal said...


264: Do you own a trench coat and wig and do you wear it as a disguise?

This has even been on the news over here in S'pore!

cindybindy said...

Maybe sanity is not a pre-requisite for astronaut training. Does any one else find it odd that her weapons of choice are a bb-gun, a case of bb's, and a set of steak knives? That is bizarre :) I went through some crazy days when my ex-husband and I were splitting up, but wearing a diaper so I could pee myself never entered the picture :)

OldRoses said...

It was the space rays that did it. She wasn't wearing her tin foil hat while she was on the shuttle. And you thought "They" were kidding. The rays are real!

Laurie said...

Serena Joy - Wild!

Peter - Bizarre!

Texas Gal - Freaky!

Cindy - Diaper!!

Old Roses - Ahhhhh.......