Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Not Your Usual Blog Post

If you've accidentally landed here from a random search or by hitting "next blog" or through Blog Explosion, you might be shocked by this post. If so, move along, there's nothing to see here.

For the rest of my morbid and twisted readers, here are some unusual links for you that I've been holding onto for awhile. On some of these sites, you can actually win money in the Dead Pools.

  • Dead Musician Directory

  • Caskets on Parade
  • The Death List

  • Death Pool

  • You Bet Their Life

    Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

    I love your morbidity.

    Donna said...

    I enjoy morbid. And I like your new design!

    Laurie said...

    Jen - I appreciate your support. :)

    Donna - Doesn't everyone? Actually, some of the stuff on those sites is pretty interesting.

    Marinade Dave said...

    Very interesting list. I saw dead people.

    There was a very good program on PBS (American Experience) last night on New Orleans. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I, too, like your new design. How did you get your banner at the top? I've been trying to do that on my Blogger site for some time now. I had no problem with WordPress.

    Serena Joy said...

    I'm just morbid and twisted enough to have looked. Interesting stuff!

    Laurie said...

    Dave - "I saw dead people." Hahahaha!

    Regarding the header, I just went to the place on my old template where Se7en had put my previously header. It was below the footer area in the template somewhere.

    Serena Joy - I thought it was interesting, too.

    Roxan said...

    Now this is my kind of stuff. I watched how caskets are made. They made it clear that caskets and coffins are not the same thing. When you think coffins-think Dracula.

    Lorna said...

    I would have loved to read your post, but I was off drinking human blood....

    Laurie said...

    Roxan - Oh, I need to go back and check that out.

    Lorna - Enjoy!

    Grimm said...


    You are so freaking messed in the head.

    I love it.

    Laurie said...

    Grimm - :)