Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Notes from Dinner With the Girls

Once a month for the last five years or so (could it be longer?), I meet for dinner with two girls I worked with in the 80's. One of the girls and I stayed in touch the whole time and we reconnected with the other girl after a brief 15 year intermission. We all live in different parts of southeast Texas and each month take turns hosting the dinner in our own city at the restaurant of the host-city-girl's choice.

Notes from our dinner in Orange (there were 8 of us last night...the party grows):
  • Ex-husbands suck but at least we aren't married to them anymore.
  • How the hell did we raise our kids (at least some of us) with no child support?
  • Banks, credit unions, anyone you owe money to, do not care that you're divorced and he got the house, trailer, boat, car. When he stops paying, they still want YOU to pay for it.
  • We have wonderful, beautiful, perfect children.
  • A couple of the girls have wonderful, beautiful, almost-perfect husbands.
  • We agree that people, in general, are way too germ conscious and that's why people, especially children, are so sick these days. My friends say they use the same cutting board for their chicken, bread and vegetables and, HORRORS, use a sponge in the kitchen. (I don't do any of that stuff but I was laughing too hard at them to admit it.)
  • This led to the conclusion that we have so many germs in our kitchens that it has a botox affect on us and that's why we still look so good.
  • One girl is convinced that the whole peanut butter incident is germ warfare (we also hit on this topic three months ago at dinner in Nederland). What more all-American thing could someone pick to contaminate than peanut butter?

I can't wait until next month, my little chiquitas!!


Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

That dinner group sounds like a riot! :)

I can completely relate on the crappy ex-husband thing.

Leslie said...

Ha ha! Sounds like a great time!

Bint Alshamsa said...

Hey there!

I'm a New Orleanian too. I also had a jar of the contaminated peanut butter and my daughter and husband both ate from it. In fact, when we found out about the recall, there was only one spoonful of peanut butter left in the jar. Oh well! As my grand-mere used to say:

"All that don't kill you, makes you fat!"

Keep rockin' girl!

Laurie said...

Jen - We had a great time.

Leslie - Very much fun!

Bint - Hello! You keep rockin', too. Nice to meet you.

neil said...

If ex-wives sucked we'd still be married to them, ;-)

Laurie said...

Neil - Nice use of the winky-smile there. :) :) :)

neil said...

He's just a little off his face!

Laurie said...

Neil - Looks like somebody just slapped that smile right off "his" face. :)

Grimm said...

Sounds like a great idea. I wonder if I could ever get any of my friends together...

I have a feeling I would get nothing but hang-ups when I called...LoL

Laurie said...

Grimm - Try it! Even if it just starts out as you and one other guy, it'll be worth it.

40 Forever said...

We aren't scared of no stinkin' germs! Like your attitude.

Laurie said...

40 Forever - Germs...no. Bugs...yes. :)