Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday Afternoon Television Ramblings

  • I just watched Collateral with Jamie Foxx and Tom Cruise. A good guage of how much I enjoyed a movie is if I rush upstairs as soon as the movie is over and sign on to IMDB to find out who directed it. This one was directed by Michael Mann and it's a fantastic movie. It's hard to believe that Jamie Foxx is the same guy who was Wanda on In Living Color. He was mesmerizing in this movie.
  • Tom Cruise was also outstanding although toward the end of the movie, his indestructible character reminded me of Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.
  • Fatal Attraction made me think of Michael Douglas and as I was checking out the onscreen movie guide to decide what to watch next, I noticed that Basic Instinct is on the Encore Love Channel. I would say that Encore has a pretty cynical view of love, don't you think?
  • I watched a little of the Korean Open Badminton Competition. The fans had spirit sticks and everything. It makes me wonder where I would be today if I had stayed in badminton training instead of giving up badminton for croquet when I was ten.


Indigo said...

I loved Collateral, it was very good. My favorite part was when Jamie Foxx asked if he could go, and he would tell anyone. Tom Cruise said, 'Promise?'

Very very good movie indeed. I'm so impressed with Jamie Foxx as an actor.

As always... Rachael said...

I'm gonna have to check out the flick (never even heard of it before)!

BTW, I got here through blogsgonewild... I am getting a new template built by se7en and I was just checking out his past work.

P.S. LOVE the sign from god! If you see one that says "God commands you to drive faster", hook me up, I'll need that for court!

CT said...

You need to get a notebook computer and wireless connection -- then you could just check IMDb while you watch the movie, instead of dashing to the "computer room" (a term that hasn't existed in my house for years).

Comfort Addict said...

I often find myself dashing off to IMDB after a movie, too. Now that Mrs. Comfort Addict has a laptop, I don't even have to run upstairs.

I used to love badminton although I was crazy for, and pretty good at, all racket sports. Unfortunately, Mrs. CA does not play.

Laurie said...

Indigo - My favorite part was when Jamie Foxx was pretending to be Vincent while he was talking to Felix. Great acting!

Rachael - I'll keep my eye out for your *sign from God*. In the meantime, Se7en does great work.

CT - I had a a notebook computer for a while but I just can't get used to the feel of it. I guess I'm just an old dinosaur up here in my computer room typing on this big ole keyboard.

Comfort Addict - I haven't played badminton since I was a kid. I need to buy a set.