Sunday, June 05, 2005

Have a Nice...

Friday I got a call at work from my mom. She asked if I was busy. I'm always busy and she knows this but she always asks anyway. She asks if I'm busy and I say no because even if I say yes, she will continue with the conversation so there really is no point in saying I'm busy.

When she called Friday, she and dad were both talking at the same time. Mom was trying to tell me something but she and dad were laughing so hard, she wasn't making any sense. Finally, dad said, "Just let her listen to it." Mom said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Call back and listen to the recorder. We won't pick up the phone."

Oh boy, more craziness at the House of the Bored and Retired. When I called back, this is what I heard on the recorded message:

Dad's voice -
You have reached the home of Red and Ruby Ransonette and of Jingles the Clown and ...blah, blah, blah...(commercial for dad's clown business)...blah, blah, blah...I am completely booked up until June 16th. If I can help you after that date, please leave your number. Have a nice lay.

Mom's voice -
Red! You said have a nice lay!

Dad's voice -
No I didn't!

Mom's voice -
Yes you did! You said have a nice lay! Listen to it again!

Dad's voice -
No I...did I...(laughing, laughing, laughing)...

Mom's voice -

Yes you...(laughing, laughing, laughing)...

Then the recorder finally cut off.

I called them back and they were still laughing. Mom said that when dad recorded the message the first time, he ended the message with *Have a nice life.* In mom's opinion that sounded corny and told him he should change it to say *Have a nice day.* I'm sure that suggestion began a thirty minute argument, I mean discussion, which was evidently won by my mother because my dad agreed to change the message.

In true Freudian form, however, dad said lay instead of day. I personally thought they should have left the sexual well wishes in the message, but I don't suppose parents calling for a clown for their six year-old's birthday party would have seen the humor in it.


Comfort Addict said...

That hi-lay-rious.

Jen T. (that's me) said...

bahahahahahaha! that's damn funny.

fsg said...

It relieves me to no end to learn that other people's parents do stuff like this too.

Abby Taylor said...

I love it!!!!!!!! hahahahhahah

Laurie said...

Comfort Addict - They are a laugh riot, that's for sure.

Jen - Now you know why I'm so goofy.

FSG - This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Abby - Crazy, huh?!