Thursday, June 09, 2005

No Freaky Freaky

My parents are on vacation in Alaska. Monday night at about 9:45 p.m. (my time) they called to say...hell, I don't remember what they said. The problem is, I had fallen asleep on the couch at about 7:30 p.m. and if I talk to people on the phone after I've been asleep for a couple of hours, I usually don't even remember they called until I see it on the caller ID the next day. I can, evidently, carry on a whole conversation without entirely waking up. It's a gift.

The parts I do remember of the conversastion were a lot like a Jerry Seinfeld routine:

Mom: What time is it there? It's 7:30 here so it's 9:30 there. Right? (Dad in the background confirming everything mom says...Yeah! 9:30! It should be 9:30 over there!) Why are you sleeping already? You're out of breath. Why are you out of breath?

Me: I had to run to the phone. I wasn't sure how many times it rang.

Mom: Well, we're not going to call everybody. We're just calling you so you tell everybody we called! It's beautiful. We're in a little cabin. Your dad calls them...yada, yada, yada...(that's the part I forget.)

Me: Okay. I'll tell everybody you called. Y'all have fun!! Love you!

One thing bothers me about the call. Would you ask your adult child why they were out of breath at 9:30 at night? Granted, it's been a looooonnnnngggg time since there's been any freaky, freaky in this girl's bedroom but couldn't she have given me the benefit of the doubt? God knows I would never ask my parents that question.


Comfort Addict said...

They may not have been thinking freaky. If they're like my parents, I think that they still think I'm a child somewhere in their minds. Out of breath means child in trouble. Child in trouble means parents snap into action.

Susan said...

That is what I thought too. Especially after having BAD pneumonia the other month.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

"I had to run to the phone."

Ho, ho, har de har har. A likely story. You sell bridges, too?

Glod said...

This morning I asked a friend why they were out of breath, they had ran to the phone as well, and were alone in the house...
Oh dear.

Lorna said...

I'm surprised they didn't ask about the weather---that's how all our family phone calls start---as if, were the weather really bad, we'd stop talking....

Susan in St. Paul said...

well up here in tornado alley, when the weather gets really bad, we often do stop talking, it just gets so hard to talk above those incessant sirens ;-)

Sylvana said...

That's hilarious. Was it really worth the call? Or were they just letting you know that they got up there safe?

Laurie said...

Comfort Addict - I'm sure they weren't thinking *freaky*. Exactly as you suspected, I'm sure she thought I was sick or something.

Susan - Yep, she probably thought I was hiding some dreadful disease from her.

Old Horsetail - You're onto me! Damn, you're good.

Glod - I hadn't even thought about the fact that a person*be out of breath* even when alone. I home mom didn't think of that!

Lorna - Now that you mention it, I think she did ask about the weather. No, I think that was my brother in Arkansas. He always wants to know how hot it is here since the weather is always nice in Arkansas. Mean!

Susan - I hope you're talking from under a table or something.

Sylvana - They wanted to let everybody know they got there and that dad was having fun. He had his doubts about the trip.

Eric said...

I love the blog.

I ran into your parents and they are loving Alaska. I had to talk your Dad out of buying you an oosik but I couldn't get him to put back the moose-poop swizzle sticks.

Oh well, you probably don't have any.

On a more serious note, great blog!

Laurie said...

Eric - I had to look up oosik. You knew that I would. If dad comes home with one, he'll be so proud that I know what it is. Or will he?