Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Holy Crap!

While we were at Chula Vista this evening a terrible thunderstorm came up. There was horrible lightning and wind and some guy came over to the table to tell us it was hailing. Thanks a lot for the buzz kill, dude.

By the time I left several hours later, I had pretty much forgotten about the storm until I got outside. I inspected my car for hail damage and there was none so I was one happy girl. Then, on my drive home, half of the traffic signal lights were out and there were tree branches all over the roads.

While we were enjoying our margaritas and conversation, all hell had broken loose out in the real world. You know what? Ignorance IS bliss.


Anonymous said...

You must have gotten our hail from yesterday, it was the size of quarters! I didn't get any hail damage on my new-to-me car luckily.
My baby brother decided to walk home in the hail!!!, he said "I was wearing a hat" so I gave him the annual "severe weather" talk.
A few hours later I got out of the shower to the phone ringing, it was my brother calling ask if I heard the sirens. They were shutting down as I picked up the phone. He didn't do anything like head to the basement but he did at least make a note of them. It's a start!

Dick said...

How funny! I actually felt the hair stand up on my neck during one lightning strike and it was inside my apartment in Old Town. I kind of stood up after that, at least for awhile.

Laurie said...

Anonymous - It's a good thing you're looking out for baby brother.

Dick - Lightning is so scary. Hope you're happy to be back in Beaumont. I read your blog. Looks like you're doing some exploring.

Comfort Addict said...

Around here, I often hear a kind of "can you top this" account of hail from guys. It starts out at quarters and ends up at softballs. I'm not sure why but I get the sense that they're trying to prove their manhood by the size of their hail.

I think I'll just leave that one in the air.