Saturday, June 18, 2005

Saturday Night Class Reunion Report

Working the door at my little sister's class reunion tonight turned out to be pretty uneventful. It was fun seeing people from the old neighborhood. I'm never more comfortable than when I'm with people I've known since elementary school.

Two interesting things I learned for the first time tonight that might not be interesting to anyone but me:
  • The haunted house at the end of the street on Duff Drive wasn't haunted at all. Rosa Gomez confessed last night that she made the whole thing up to scare Bonnie and Debbie, inadvertently creating a neighborhood legend.
  • My parents and the parents of the Elton kids conspired to let the Elton kids catch chickenpox from us. All these years, the four Elton kids have been holding this secret chickenpox grudge against the four Ransonette kids and I never knew. I thought we were just playing and the whole time it was a little contagious childhood disease funfest created by the parents. It's a good thing the Eltons are such sweet people. I'd hate to be worried that they're secretly concocting a sinister revenge scheme to infect us with a nasty toe fungus or a really bad case of pink eye.


Jack said...
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Jack said...

I wonder what it would be like to see someone I knew in elementry school. Apart from family, I haven't seen anyone I knew in elementry school since 1976, and I don't think I've seen anyone I liked in elementry school since 1972.

I sort of doubt I'd be comfortable with them anymore.

Lorna said...

Finally, I've found a difference in our parallelity: I don't know anyone from my elementary school--except my own brother, but I didn't talk to him at school as he was in the baby class. I can't imagine being comfortable with any of them, as the only one I can really remember was the one I punched, hard, in the face, when I was 11. Even now, that doesn't seem like a promising basis for a relationship.
Still loving to read your blog, Laurie---and picking up some interersting reads from your various connections.

Comfort Addict said...

Too bad about the haunted house. I hate it when people puncture legends like that.

Glod said...

Were the Eltons convenience shopping for diseases?
"You know what Honey, would'nt it just be convenient to get chicken pox over and done with now?"
"It can be arranged"
Dun dun dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Wang Chi and Lorna - I guess my neighborhood was different. Most of us went to school together from Kindergarten through graduation and a lot of us played sports and also went to church together.

My brother and sisters and I were also close to each other's friends and some of our friends were the children of our parents friends.

It's almost more like a family reunion than a class reunion.

Laurie said...

Lorna and everybody else - I'm glad you're enjoying some of the people on my sidebar. There is so much interesting writing out there, it's amazing.

Comfort Addict - Rosa was laughing so hard when she told us she made the whole thing up. It was hilarious.

Glod - That's pretty much how it was done in those days. "Let's just get this over with." Freaks!

Jen T. (that's me) said...

I was thinking, "That chicken pox sotry sounds very familiar" and then it hit me.

That was an episode of South Park. Kyle, Stan and Cartman's parents wanted them to play with sick Kenny so they could get chicken pox, too. I think it ended badly, though. I'm not sure it was chicken pox that Kenny ended up having.

Jen T. (that's me) said...

and i meant 'story', not 'sotry.'

f-ing mondays.

Laurie said...

Jen - I remember that episode! I love South Park.

Mom said...

Laurie, I don't remember the Elton's mom sending them over to catch the Chickenpox. I do remember calling her to tell her not to let her children come over to play because "You Kids Had The Chickenpox." Guess she decided it was best for the kids to catch it before they had to start school. Alaska was Cold you wouldn't like to live there.

Laurie said...

Mom - I didn't remember the Eltons coming over either. But I guess it wasn't as traumatic to us since we already had the chickenpox. I can't wait to see the pictures of Alaska.