Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blogger Picture Posting Test

Blogger has added the ability to post pictures directly from the editing screen. This is a test of that feature.

This is the Jive Train dude with the picture on the left.

This is the Jive Train dude floating in the center of the post.

This is the Jive Train dude with the picture positioned to the right.

I love that Jive Train dude.


Larry Jones said...

But do you have any pictures of the Jive Train dude?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yeah, me found pix feature too. Didn't know about sizing. Will have to look into that. You rock, kid.

Glod said...

But, as this shows, all this re-sizing can go horribly wrong.

Sar said...

I like the ease of the new picture posting ability, but I wish it could just place them directly above the post. All looked good in your post though.

Dick said...

Thanks for the info about the new feature!

Laurie said...

Larry - I have a few. ;)

Old Horsetail - You rock, too, dude!

Glod - That's weird!

Sar - I had to work with it in the HTML editing screen a little to put the pictures where I wanted them. When I would add a new picture, it would go at the top instead of after what I had already put.

Dick - You're welcome.