Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Little Prayer

Dear God,

I’m always reading stories about people being struck by lightning and then receiving the gift of having enhanced psychic abilities.

If I’m ever struck by lightning, I’d prefer not to be given the ability to commune with dead people and I’d just as soon skip the psychic powers. Instead, I would like to sing like Annie Lennox or Gladys Knight or Chaka Khan.

If singing isn’t a lightning induced talent, perhaps you could make me dance like Ginger Rogers or play piano like Billy Joel or Elton John.

If psychic abilities are my only choice, I would still prefer to not see dead people.


P.S. Sorry about the Fukitol thing.


Comfort Addict said...

If I'm struck by lightning, I just hope I'm not dead. Anything beyond that is a plus.

Any God that I'd believe in would have been laughing at Fukitol right there with the rest of us.

Ed Abbey said...

A little off subject but along the lines of your musical tastes. Have you been watching "Hit Me Baby One More Time?" I thought Wang Chung was pretty good last night.

Danno said...

I don't want to be psychic either, but I would rather "see" dead people than "be" dead people. And If Bruce Willis comes around, just be honest with the sorry bastard. Damned kid let him run around for a whole movie without telling him.

Lorna said...

You're my dream blog-date XX

Laurie said...

Comfort Addict - I think he would like Fukitol, too.

Ed - I did see that! I loved that Wang Chung sang a Nelly song - It's Getting Hot in Here. I thought they were the best that night although I enjoyed Howard Jones also.

Danno - Poor Bruce! I promise to be kind if I see him or any other dead people.

Lorna - :)