Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nip/Tuck Catch Up

A week or so ago, a couple of people here in the office asked if I watched Nip/Tuck. They thought it would be something I would like and they proceeded to tell me about the episode with Melissa Gilbert which I posted about here. In a similar incident to the Melissa Gilbert story linked to above, I was talking to one of the girls about this week’s episode and we were discussing how Rosie O’Donnell’s ear got chopped off. One of the attorneys said, “What?! Rosie O’Donnell’s ear got chopped off?” (See above link to understand why that was funny.)

So, here we are in the fourth season of Nip/Tuck and I’m trying to catch up. I did the same thing with the X-Files. It wasn’t until I had someone who could catch me up on the history of the show that I started watching it in its third season. I still miss the X-Files.

I’ve decided to buy the first three seasons of Nip/Tuck off of Ebay because renting them and trying to watch all of the episodes before I have to return the DVDs is just way too much pressure. When my DVDs come in, I’m going to host monthly Nip/Tuck watching parties so I can encourage others to join me in what is probably going to be another Laurie obsession.

I think watching a few episodes of Nip/Tuck while drinking martinis is bound to be a hit with my friends. Hell, I might even feed them. Maybe I’ll start a trend. This could become bigger than Bunko.


Marinade Dave said...

Catching up on Nip/Tuck?

That's what I call keeping abreast of things.

Jen T. (that's me) said...

Bunko the card/dice game? I hate that game. If I ever have a baby shower, I will refuse to let anyone play it.

Dave said "abreast". Haha.

cindybindy said...

Looking at Julian McMahon is worth the price of the DVD's. He is truly gorgeous! On another note, the tattooed drug lord from season one looks just like my ex. I have diverse taste in men :) This is a great show!

Anonymous said...

I do have 4 bottles of wine I need to drink...I mean WE need to drink.

Baby Sis

Laurie said...

Dave - Ah, abreast man.

Jen - I've never played. I can't make that much of a commitment to anything. Once a month! Every month? Me?!

Cindy - See! I had no idea who the tattoo/ghost guy was in that last episode.

Baby sis - Yes, we.

Zina said...

The tattoo man is in a few episodes. You'll recognize him when you see him. You wouldn't think that a guy covered in tattoos could find a lot of work...but he keeps popping up everywhere.

You have got to put that skeleton man thing on is hilarious.

Laurie said...

Zina - The skeleton man thing that Keren sent locked up my computer and caused it to give me this weird blue screen with a message I haven't seen since I bought this computer 4 years ago! I'll see if I can find the file somewhere else. It was funny right up until it made my computer crash. :)