Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Gordon Lightfoot/Cory and Al Stewart/Laurie

I just heard a Gordon Lightfoot song on my XM radio so I Wikipedia’d him to see how old he is and stuff like that. (That's Gordon Lightfoot above.)

I found out he has the same birthday as my son.

I also recently found out that I have the same birthday as Al Stewart.

I’m sure there’s a cosmic explanation as to why I feel that is worth mentioning but I don’t cosmically know what the cosmic explanation cosmically might be.

Anyway, it’s out there now for the universe to decipher.


D. B. Cooper said...

Lightfoot was a wonderful songwriter IMHO.

I know he ain't dead but also isn't actively writing any longer.

Al said...

so have the gales of november come early and where you born in the year of the cat

Peter said...

Still trying to define the cosmetic reasons for your post Laurie.

gawilli said...

Gordon Lightfoot is wonderful, in fact I just heard "In the Early Morning Rain". What a voice.

Hey! Do you listen to XCountry on XM?

neil said...

Gordon's 'If You Could read My Mind' has always had a lot of significance for me, but I lurve all his music - great talent. As to all the cosmic stuff, just don't know, but year of the cat somehow suits you.

Laurie said...

D. B. - I'm not sure if he's writing either. I didn't read the whole article. After I saw he shared a birthday with my son, I got sidetracked.

Al - I think I was born in the year of the rabbit but I'll check. And, the Gales of November are on their way.

Peter - Cosmetic = Mary Kay? Another connection?

Gawilli - I LOVE X-Country. It's one of my favorites although I'm a bit stuck on the Seventies station this week.

Neil - Both great songs.

Everyone - By the way, Al Stewart is still writing and performing and his latest CD Beach Full of Shells is terrific.

Jack said...

Laurie, the year of the rabbit (or hare) on the Chinese calendar is the year of the cat on the Vietnamese calendar. But I think you're a sheep (or goat, depending on who's naming the animals).

Laurie said...

Jack - I just saw one Chinese Zodiac sign that called me a ram...and you're a monkey. Hey, I didn't say it. It was the Chinese.

Jack said...

Laurie, I ain't no monkey; I was born in the Year of the Cat (by Vietnamese reckoning).

Also, Gordon Lightfoot's last album of new material came out in 2004, and although he nearly died back in 2002, he's back touring again. Look for him in Houston next June.

Laurie said...

Jack - I must have messed up my ciphering on the monkey thing. Year of the Cat is definitely more appropriate.