Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How to Be a Rock Star

I just saw this clip on the Daily Show as part of a fake news segment and hunted it down on YouTube.

Watch Keith Richards as a crazy fan enters the screen from stage left. Keith calmly takes off his guitar, takes a couple of swings at the guy, puts his guitar back on and continues the song. Mick Jagger watches the whole thing with not a worry that Keith won't kick this guy's ass.


Larry Jones said...

Musicians know this instinctively: If there's a disturbance during the show, keep playing, so as not to give it the spotlight and send it out of control.

Or bash the guy's teeth out whith your guitar.

My challenge word for this: grubs

TexasGal said...

Amazing...he just started playing again like nothing happened.

D. B. Cooper said...

Keith is the living dead. You couldn't kill him even if you wanted to. At least not with conventional weapons.

Al said...

The only way to Kill Kieth is with vinyl record (as in Shaun of the Dead) but not the prince records.

Nomad said...

I always like when you talk of music

Laurie said...

Larry - I never thought of that, Grubby...I mean, Larry.

TexasGal - That's what cracked me up the most!!

D. B. Cooper - I wrote some stuff about ol' Keith when he fell out of the coconut tree. He is something else.


Nomad - Thanks, dear. :)